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Fire Prevention Tips at Home

7/17/2019 (Permalink)

Test your smoke alarm once a month

Fire Preparation Steps

As a homeowner, the thought of a fire breaking out in your house is a nightmare scenario. This emergency situation could have devastating effects. Not only is your family safety at risk, but you could lose precious possessions and your house itself. There are fire preparation steps you should follow to reduce the risk of this terrible event from occurring.

Sure up Those Smoke Alarms

All Germantown, TN, homes should have smoke alarms to alert you of fire danger. One or two devices is not enough. Your home should have one in every bedroom and an additional alarm per floor. There are also other essential elements of smoke alarms you should look for to help prevent a home fire from spreading and getting out of hand.

  • Test your smoke alarm once a month.
  • Change the batteries in your smoke alarm at least once a year.
  • Never disconnect your smoke alarm.

Keep an Eye on the Dryer

Of all your appliances, your dryer is perhaps the biggest potential culprit for starting a fire. It's vital that you check the filter after every loan and remove any lint buildup. Also, make sure you inspect the outside vent as well as the hose leading from the dryer to the vent.

Watch the Outlets

Being aware of electrical problems is an important fire safety tip. Check each outlet in your home, and never overload them with cords. Also, be mindful when you use power strips, especially with electronic equipment such as computers.

Be Careful When You Cook

Fire prevention often starts in the kitchen, where there are a few different heat sources. Make sure your oven is clean and functioning properly. Also, never leave food on the stove unattended.
You can have peace of mind when you follow these fire prevention guidelines. If you need further direction, you should consult a fire remediation company.

Understanding the Risks of Storm Damage and Insurance Coverage

7/9/2019 (Permalink)

A homeowner's policy typically covers standard weather patterns and the risks involved

With warmer weather comes the increased risk of volatile storms and damage from high winds and heavy rains. The savvy homeowner may invest in a hurricane and flood insurance policy, knowing the potential disasters related to severe weather.

  • Flooding
  • Sewer backup
  • Mold growth
  • Roof damage
  • Other property and structural issues

However, not every flood claim is equal, and not all damage caused by strong winds is covered under storm insurance. Therefore, make sure your policy protects you against typical storm damages in your area.

Increasing Water Levels

A typical homeowner's insurance plan will probably not cover flooding related to storms. You will need a specific policy for flood damage and loss. However, these plans are not necessary for every area or region. To verify whether such a policy is needed or required, you can check the flood zones in your city.

Structural Issues

High winds and storm surges can lead to significant structural issues. The winds can lead to damaged rooflines, and the swelling waters can weaken foundations. In either case, your property may become vulnerable to mold growth due to increased moisture and humidity.

Loss of Personal Property

While you may do everything right to prepare for an incoming storm, like install storm shutters and set up sandbags, you can still be vulnerable to property loss. For instance, the winds tear away at portions of your roof and the rain destroys family photos, clothing and other items stored in the attic. Thankfully, in this situation, a standard homeowner's policy should have you covered.
Whether a flood or other severe weather hit you, you will need assistance cleaning up the damage. An emergency remediation service in the Cordova, TN, area can help by mitigating further loss by putting up shutters and tarps around the property, and they can act as a middleman between you and your insurer, making sure you get what you're owed.
While a homeowner's policy typically covers standard weather patterns and the risks involved, there are certain areas more prone to flooding and severe weather which require specific policy upgrades. Make sure you have coverage for structure, water, wind and property loss.

What Is Covered By Your Commercial Property Insurance

6/27/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage in a Bartlett, TN building

Reasons to Have Commercial Insurance After Fire Damage

If a fire occurs in your  Bartlett, TN, building, it can be extremely helpful to have commercial insurance. While the details will vary between companies and individual policies, it can cover a wide range of property. Here are some of the items you can expect to be included.

1. The Structure of the Building

In many cases, fire damage will include the building itself. If it was severe enough, you may even be required to rebuild part of the structure. Your insurance will usually cover this. If you are missing portions of your walls, floors or ceiling, your policy should include the costs of repairing and restoring these areas. It will often include repainting and placing new flooring as well.

2. Property Inside the Building

Whether the fire was large or small, there is a good chance that items in the building were damaged. This can include equipment, furniture and decorations such as curtains or artwork. If these were affected by smoke or fire damage, they will be included in your policy as well, so you won’t have to worry about the costs associated with repairing or replacing them.

3. Property Outside the Building

Because fires are not always contained to the building in which they began, your commercial insurance can cover the area outside of your business as well. This can include outdoor furniture and equipment. In some cases, it may cover neighboring properties as well, if the fire and the damage it caused spread outside of your own property.

You may like to think that a fire cannot occur on your property, but even if you are careful, some accidents cannot be prevented. Fires are common, so it is a good idea to have commercial insurance that covers it. It will help pay for the repairs that you will need to have done by a fire restoration company as well as the costs of replacing destroyed items.

3 Reasons You Need to Replace Your Pipes

6/19/2019 (Permalink)

Broken pipes can cause a lot of water damage

A Few Reasons to Upgrade Your Plumbing System to Something New

While the plumbing system in your Memphis, TN, building is made to last quite a while, whether it’s made from steel or polybutylene, it certainly won’t last forever. It may cost some time and money, but it is a good idea to have these replaced occasionally. Here are a few reasons to upgrade to something new.

1. They Are Old

One obvious reason to have your pipes replaced is simply that they have gotten old. Even the most sturdy system will deteriorate over time. How long your system will last before you need to install new plumbing will depend on the materials used, so it is a good idea to keep this information in mind. Whatever the material, if it has been several decades since your pipes were installed, it is probably time to have them replaced.

2. They Are Damaged

Broken pipes can cause a lot of water damage, so you should have these replaced as quickly as you can. Pipes can break as the result of deterioration, freezing during cold weather or even the growth of tree roots nearby. If your pipes are fairly new, then you will likely not need to replace the whole system and can focus on only the affected area.

3. They Are Made from Polybutylene

If your plumbing system was installed between the 1970s and 1990s, then it is possible it was made with this material. PB pipes were used often because they were easy to install and were relatively inexpensive. However, over time, it became apparent that they broke too easily and could leach chemicals into the water. If you have polybutylene pipes, these will need to be replaced as soon as possible.

While you should try to replace your pipes before they cause any damage, accidents happen, and this is not always possible. If you have suffered water damage to your business, an emergency restoration company can help. They can perform cleanup and repairs to quickly restore your building.

What You Should Know About Drain Cleaners

6/12/2019 (Permalink)

There are certain types or cleaners that work better on certain kinds of clogs

No doubt you have felt the frustration of dealing with a clogged sink or tub at some point. Soap residue, food scraps and hair can all contribute to a clogged drain, which can in turn, cause surface residue, bacteria and odors, and painfully slow, or no draining.

The best defense is to avoid putting problem items down your drains if possible, including egg shells, potato, peach or other food peelings, and hair or beard trimmings. If you decide to use a drain cleaner, you should know a few things about them.

Drain Cleaners

While they have their place, there are certain types or cleaners that work better on certain kinds of clogs. There are four types:

  • Acid – Muriatic acid or sulfuric acid
  • Oxidizing – Nitrate-based, peroxides, bleaches
  • Caustic – Caustic potash or lye
  • Enzymatic – Eco-friendly, non-toxic enzymes and bacteria


If a fat or grease-based blockage causes a clogged drain, skip the chemicals and call a local plumber in Germantown, TN, in the beginning. Treated with cleaners, these clogs usually just move deeper into the drain and require professional, and expensive servicing.

Acid cleaners may do wonders for a clog, but they can also eat through drain pipes, the fumes can burn the eyes and throat, and the acid can burn through skin and leave open sores. Acid cleaners should be used only as a last resort, preferably by a professional.

Oxidizing and caustic cleaners work by creating heat, which over time breaks down the blockage until it can be flushed down the drain. Enzymatics use bacteria and enzymes to actually eat through the blockage. They may take a bit longer but work well on food or organic clogs, and tend to do a good job on toilet clogs.

With a bit of luck and care, your clogged drain may be resolved, but nobody wants to mess with nasty goopy clogs or sewage if it fails or a pipe breaks, but if things go south, you will want to call a professional sewage cleaning team in Germantown, TN to help set things right.

Electrical Equipment and Smoke Damage

5/30/2019 (Permalink)

Electrical Equipment often gets damaged by Fire or Smoke.

During a fire in a building there is often the major damage of smoke and soot that is easily visible. However, there is another damage that will be almost invisible and hard to detect.

Electrical Equipment Damaged by Smoke

Every electrical item, especially the big ones, have fans to draw in air to cool it and keep it from overheating. During a fire these fans run overtime to keep the machine cool but are drawing in acrid smoke.

The smoke will then leave soot within the electrical item that eventually will eat at the copper and plastics slowly.

When your office or commercial building has a fire give SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova / East Memphis a call and we can asses the damage, do the cleanup, and rebuild any damaged areas from a devastating fire.

3 Ways To Prevent Mold Damage in Your Home

5/24/2019 (Permalink)

Water leak caused severe mold in the wall of this basement

3 Ways To Prevent Mold Damage in Your Home 

Protecting your Cordova, TN, home from fungi growth can be challenging, especially if you live in an area that experiences heavy annual rainfall or high humidity. Water damage is typically the main cause of mold development, such as hidden leaks or condensation. However, there are a few strategies you can use to prevent these conditions and make your home an unwelcome environment for most strains of fungi.

1. Check Your Home’s Pipes Annually

Pipe leaks and weak joints can lead to plumbing failure, which can cause a significant flood in your kitchen or bathroom. To prevent this, have your home’s pipes checked at least once a year to ensure they are in good working condition. Pipes hidden behind cabinetry can be especially prone to mold growth if they develop leaks, so ask your plumber to check these spaces to ensure mold is not growing on the wood or in dark corners.

2. Reduce Your Home’s Humidity

If your home experiences high humidity throughout much of the year, this can lead to mold growth in areas such as crawl spaces and attics. You can reduce humidity by using ceiling fans in vulnerable rooms and installing a dehumidifier in smaller spaces. On days where humidity is particularly high, avoid taking hot showers and run exhaust fans in your kitchen.

3. Call in a Mold Expert for an Inspection

If you suspect that certain areas of your home may be fostering fungi growth, consider calling a water damage and mold remediation service to inspect them. Experienced technicians can check your water lines, exterior pipes and air conditioning vents to ensure mold has not gained a foothold due to leaks or moisture buildup. It is wise to have a list of questions prepared for the technicians, especially if you have never worked with a mold prevention company before.

Water damage and other problems in your Cordova, TN, home can cause serious mold issues. Knowing how to prevent them can help you protect your home and keep mold from moving in.

How To Keep Your Pets Safe During a Fire

5/20/2019 (Permalink)

Remember to include your pet in your fire escape plan

How to Prepare for a Potential Fire Emergency

A fire can quickly engulf any home in Bartlett, TN. In addition to potentially causing extensive damage, an inferno can also threaten the wellbeing of everyone living inside, including pets. While you may be able to communicate evacuation instructions to human family members, ensuring pet safety can be more challenging. Employing four useful strategies can help everyone in your family prepare for a potential fire emergency.

1. Keep Leashes Accessible

A leash is an essential pet care accessory that can help you safely extract your dog or cat from the premise and keep track of them in the ensuing chaos. To expedite its retrieval, you should store this device near a frequently-used exit. You should also train your pet to promptly come to you when called.

2. Practice Evacuating With Pets

If you have children, you may routinely complete fire drills to ensure everyone understands crucial evacuation procedures. Including your pets in these exercises may be extremely beneficial.

3. Post a Pet Alert Sign

A pet alert sign is another useful fire emergency planning tool that you can attach to windows near both your front and back doors. These placards are designed to help first responders quickly identify the number of animals living inside the residence. Posting this information may be especially vital if a fire erupts when no one is home.

4. Help Others Identify Your Pet

A frightened animal may run away during a crisis. Purchasing an identification tag and microchipping each pet can enable others to quickly determine the correct owner. To eliminate communication problems, be sure to update both items if your contact information changes.

Enduring a fire emergency can be a daunting experience. If you have animals inside your home, pet preparation should be a component of your family evacuation plan. In addition to providing peace of mind, knowing both your human and furry family members are safe may reduce the stress of the fire cleanup and restoration process.

4 Tips For Flood Protection

5/2/2019 (Permalink)

An emergency plan can help everyone understand clearly what they are supposed to do

Flood Protection

When heavy rains descend, your building in Memphis, TN, may be in danger of flood damage. To avoid having to put your business on hold for massive flood cleanup, follow these tips to protect your building from major damage.

1. Inspect Building Frequently

You are likely sticking to a seasonal inspection schedule, but if the forecast indicates that a strong storm is approaching, it makes sense to inspect it again. Look at your exterior walls, foundation and roof to see if there are any cracks where water could get in. If you find any problems, contact storm damage experts for repairs that can be done before the storm hits.

2. Keep Drainage System Clean

Giving excess water a place to go is vital to keeping it out of your building. Gutters and downspouts should always be kept free of debris, particularly during storm season. Directing the downpour away from the roof and base of your building can help prevent flood damage.

3. Test Basement Pumps

If there is flooding in your basement, you will inevitably need storm cleanup. You can lower your costs by making sure your sump pump is working. These pumps are designed to start getting rid of water as soon as the sensors are triggered. Regular testing, particularly before a major storm hits, is advisable.

4. Have an Emergency Plan

If your building floods, an emergency plan can help everyone understand clearly what they are supposed to do. Make sure it is up to date and that all employees have access to the latest version. Assign tasks that designate what each person needs to do in the event of a flood emergency.

You may not be able to avoid all flood damage in your building during a particularly aggressive storm. You can minimize its effects, however, by taking the necessary precautions. These tips help ensure that your building is as flood resistant as possible.

3 Flood Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

4/25/2019 (Permalink)

Keeping your home well-ventilated and dry can help to prevent mold growth after a flood.

Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

When your home in Germantown, TN, is affected by flooding, the cleanup process can seem daunting. However, there are various cleaning requirements and tips that can make it easier for homeowners to know how to start cleaning their homes.

1. Remove Damaged Belongings and Materials

Before you can begin cleaning your home, it’s often important to remove any items that have been damaged. If wet items remain in the home for extended periods of time, they may cause damage to your home’s floors, subfloors or foundation. Certain items can be cleaned, though special techniques are often used to clean water-damaged belongings. It’s often wise to allow water damage restoration professionals to determine whether or not the item should be replaced or if the item can be restored.

2. Use EPA Disinfectants

In order to thoroughly clean your home after a flood, it’s often important to use the right disinfectants. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has various disinfectants that meet their standards of cleaning requirements. You can be confident in the flood disinfectant products registered by the EPA because the products have been studied and are proven to be effective.

3. Be Mindful of Mold Growth

In addition to removing damaged items and using disinfectants registered by the EPA, it can also be useful for homeowners to be aware of areas where mold may grow. After a storm or a flood, high levels of humidity and moisture can create the perfect environment for mold growth, and mold can grow within a 24-hour period after the initial water damage has occurred. Keeping your home well-ventilated and dry can help to prevent mold growth after a flood.

It’s often helpful to know what tips and cleaning requirements should be followed after a flood. You can begin your flood clean by removing items and materials that are damaged, using disinfectants registered by the EPA and being aware of areas where mold may grow.

Effective Cleanup Procedures for Wet Wood Floors

4/15/2019 (Permalink)

If a pipe burst or other incident leave water on the wood surface of your floor, don’t wait until the next day to clean it up.

Do you have wood floors in your Germantown, TN, building? This material adds a nice touch to your office. These floors are durable and easy to maintain. Some things can pose harm to a wood floor, namely water. If water leaks or dumps onto your floors, it’s crucial to clean them and dry them quickly. If you don’t act fast or appropriately, you may have to replace the flooring.

Potential Problems

You shouldn’t have much to worry about if someone at work spills a bottle of water on the ground or tracks in a little bit of moisture from outside. Where you will have concern is if something such as a pipe burst occurs and expels several gallons or more on the floor. Other worrisome situations include:

  • Leaks in pipes that slowly but consistently drip water onto the floor
  • Sewer backups or overflowing toilets
  • Water leaking from the ceiling unto the floor

Remove Wet Items

If you notice a wet floor with a significant amount of water, make sure you get any wet materials off the ground immediately. This may include furniture, boxes, chairs, and desks. These items will only continue to put more water on the floor.

Extract the Water

You can remove small or moderate amounts of water from the floor with a mop or cloth. However, if there’s a pipe burst, and you find inches of water, you need something more heavy-duty such as a wet vacuum to thoroughly soak up the water. You should do this as soon as possible to save your wood floor and keep mold from growing.

Dry Completely

Removing the water isn’t enough; you need to dry the affected area thoroughly. A professional water removal specialist can do this with industrial-strength fans.

If a pipe burst or other incident leave water on the wood surface of your floor, don’t wait until the next day to clean it up. Follow these tips and save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

Does Mold Grow Even in Drier Climates?

4/9/2019 (Permalink)

Mold damage in a Memphis, TN basement

The thought of mold showing up in your office may cause worry and concern if you live in an area of high humidity. How should you feel if you live and work in places where it’s typically much drier? Should you expect black mold issues to creep into your building in Memphis, TN? Though fungal problems persist most usually in wet areas, no place is completely immune.

What Does Mold Like?

To begin with, it’s important to understand under what conditions mold does typically thrive. Even if your office is located in the most arid area in the world, there are still indoor environments where these problems could develop and where you’d need mold cleanup. These include:

  • Areas where there is poor ventilation
  • Areas where there has been flooding or other water damage
  • Areas where there are broken pipes such as under sinks
  • Showers

If your office has any of these areas of issues, you should inspect them and take action.

Can It Happen Anywhere?

It’s easy to see how fungal growth can creep up in your building, even if rain has been absent for weeks. For example, if you have an onsite fitness room with showers, and your fans are broken, there’s a chance you could spot some black mold. If you have old pipes in the plumbing system, they could start to crack and break. Also, if seals in the windows and on the roof are wearing out, when rain does fall, it could slowly find its way inside. Over time, this could develop into mold.

What Can You Do?

If you do spot mold, you need to get on the phone immediately with a mold remediation specialist. A group of professionals that have expertise in this area can clean up the substances and give you peace of mind.

Don’t assume because you live in a dry climate that black mold is impossible in your building. Implement proper safeguards today.

Benefits of a Large Loss Response

3/25/2019 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO of Barlett/ Cordova / East Memphis

When an area in Bartlett, TN, is affected by a disaster, catastrophic loss often occurs as a result. However, employing a restoration company that can offer a large loss response can be useful for insurance agents and for business owners.

1. Experts Are Equipped with the Right Tools

When a major disaster strikes, the aftermath can be devastating, and it’s common for restoration experts to be overwhelmed with requests. Some local restoration companies may not be equipped to handle all types of disasters, and these companies may not have access to specialized tools. A restoration company with a wide reach can bring in experts with the necessary tools from various locations to assist in the cleanup and restoration process.

2. Experience to Handle Catastrophes

Whether a catastrophic loss occurs as the result of flooding, storm damage or a fire, it’s important for business owners and insurance agents alike to know that the professionals restoring commercial properties are experienced. One person alone may not have the experience to respond to a major disaster. However, when numerous people assist in responding to a disaster, the combined experience of everyone involved makes the loss response team equipped to manage many aspects commercial property damage.

3. Timely Reactions

When widespread damage occurs to an area, a local restoration company may not be able to make an assessment shortly after the disaster. Unfortunately, a slow response can cause a property to acquire more issues, such as mold growth, structural damage and more. With a large loss response, however, professionals can quickly assess a property, and after a thorough assessment, experts can assist in preventing additional damage and can begin restoration.

A large loss response can make managing the effects of a catastrophic loss easier. A large loss response will allow various professionals from different areas to assess the damage, experts will have the combined experience to handle various major problems and the response will likely occur in a quick manner.

Flushing Away Your Water Heater Woes

3/13/2019 (Permalink)

Perform a yearly water heater flush it will help you costly repairs

Attention Cordova, TN, homeowners: your toilet is not the only appliance that needs flushing! The water heater is a commonly neglected home utility. When showers run hot, the average homeowner doesn’t consider the necessary maintenance. However, being proactive and performing a yearly water heater flush can help you avoid costly repairs and extend the life of the appliance. Here are five easy steps to get the job done.

1. Shut It Down

If the unit runs on gas, extinguish the pilot light by turning the gas off. If the heater is electric, cut the power to the unit by switching off the corresponding circuit in the home’s breaker box.

2. Follow Your Hose

With work gloves on, attach a heavy-duty garden hose to the heater’s drain valve and run the remaining hose line out of the house. Warm water and sediment will evacuate the hose, so choose the hose end location carefully.

3. Let It Flow

Drain the water heater tank by opening the drain valve and releasing the water. After a few minutes, run hot water from the kitchen faucet to expedite the draining process. Next, turn off the water supply valve until the draining slows to a stop. Open the water supply valve once more to complete a thorough flush, then close it again.

4. Fill It Up

Ensure the drain valves are closed and turn the water supply on to refill the tank. The open kitchen faucet will begin trickling and sputtering water slowly as the air bubbles are purged from the tank. Once a full stream of water is flowing, the tank is full.

5. Restore Power

Turn on the unit’s power and heating element. Do not execute this step until the tank is full, or heater damage may occur. Lastly, turn off the kitchen faucet.

Considering how simple it is to complete this often-overlooked maintenance task, performing it yearly can avoid a water heater malfunction that could result in a flooded home and the need for water damage repair.

Does a Remediation Company Need To Be Certified?

3/4/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is certified with the IICRC for water, fire, and mold damage

You experience a flood and subsequent mold damage, you look online, and you pick the first - or the cheapest - remediation company you can find. Situation averted, right? In fact, all remediation companies are not created equal - a lesson that can be costly if your insurance company fails to cover work by an uncertified remediation company. There are good reasons why, if you are facing mold damage in your Memphis, TN, business, a certified mold remediation company is the best choice.

What Is Mold Certification?

While plenty of businesses can get the equipment to do mold cleanup, they can’t all do it well or safely. For this reason, the IICRC, or Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, sets standards for mold remediation and certifies specific companies. An IICRC certification means a business meets standards involving:

  • Ethics
  • Technical knowledge
  • Procedures
  • Accountability

Choosing a certified mold cleanup company is not a must, but it’s a plus that can save you time, money and a lot of frustration in the long run.

Why It Matters

To a consumer, the above might not seem that important, but these standards have practical applications in your home. For one, certification ensures accountability, as the company is compelled to maintain a standard of quality to keep their certification.

Getting the certification also requires a high amount of knowledge, so choosing a certified company virtually ensures you’ve chosen one of the best in the field. Moreover, many insurance companies hesitate to cover work by an uncertified mold removal company. That means choosing a certified company can lighten the cost load of mold removal, as your insurance will likely cover it.

When you’re looking for mold remediation, it’s not time to cut corners. Look for a certified mold remediation company with the proper IICRC verifications, and you can rest easy the job will be done right the first time.

Third Party Certification: Upholding Standards and Maintaining Excellence

2/20/2019 (Permalink)

Recommend certified mitigation professionals to your clients.

Upholding Standards And Maintaining Excellence

When homes in Grove, TN need remediation, you want to be sure that the company handling the problem adheres to the highest industry standards. The standards for the restoration industry are set by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. The IICRC is a third party certification organization, which means it approves instructors and schools to teach the skills needed to meet its values of expertise, integrity and excellence.


Training programs such as the ones offered by SERVPRO are IICRC-certified. Classes are offered in various categories:

Receiving a mitigation certificate after completing these courses means that the individual has the knowledge needed to do the job right. When clients hire someone to fix a problem in their homes, you want to be able to verify that the technicians are certified mitigation experts.


It is not enough that technicians know what they are doing. They also need to be honest and trustworthy. When a company or individual is certified by the IICRC, you know you have found someone on whom you can rely. They adhere to a strict standard of ethics and can be expected to be upfront about their assessment and treatment of your clients' homes. 


When specialists are trained by a certified school or instructor, they learn how to exhibit high standards of service. Continuing education courses improve knowledge, turning technicians into industry leaders. These classes also serve to educate insurance and real estate professionals regarding various mitigation processes. Shared knowledge strengthens these partnerships so that together, they can offer more excellent service to the customers they share.

A third party certification organization sets the industry standard that all mitigation professionals must meet. The values of the IICRC are reflected in each training program and instructor it approves. To ensure quality, professional service, recommend certified mitigation professionals to your clients.

Mold Removal and Remediation Information for Homes and Businesses

2/19/2019 (Permalink)

Mold can be found in humid places or it can be caused by Water Damage.

Mold and mildew are the most common household and business problems across the United States. Chances are that you've probably had mold damage in your house at one time or another. Mold damage isn't just unhealthy to be around, but it can be incredibly damaging to walls, insulation and the overall structure of the home. If left to fester, the area that has been impacted can become out of control, requiring more commercial mold damage services than before.

Mold Removal and Remediation Information 

How to Tell if Your Home Has a Mold Damage Problem

There are a variety of ways to tell if your home has mold damage. For one, you'll be able to spot the fungus and mildew with your own two eyes. Unfortunately, mold is not just at the surface level, so trying to clean mildew and fungus yourself often isn't enough to thoroughly get rid of it for good. This is why you'll find that no sooner do you clean the fungus, it is already growing back. Also, you'll have a smelly odor emanating throughout the home or office, which is a sign that you have a mold damage problem.

Why Professional Mold Removal is Preferred

Expert mitigation and remediation is essential because you're dealing with professionals who have years of experience and all of the right deodorization tools to get your home or office back to its former glory. It's also a safer way to handle the commercial mold damage issue, since you won't be the one handling it on your own. Mold in your home can be devastating, but the experts bring all of their own tools and skills to get the job done properly so that you don't have to figure out how to do it on your own.

How to Find the Right Mold Removal and Remediation Company

The best way to find a commercial mold damage company is to read reviews and look locally. If you hire a company too far away from your home or office, you're liable to pay a travel fee just so that they can come out to look at the damage. Keep in mind that the mitigation and remediation experts will first need to come out to the property to fully assess the damage before they can begin the work. Once the mitigation and remediation experts do this, they will give you a full quote for how much the project will cost. If you have insurance on your property, it may cover the costs of mold removal in your home.

What to Expect When Hiring the Mitigation Pros

When you hire a company to handle the mold in your home, you're taking the guesswork out of the job for yourself and your family. Mold removal can be pretty complicated, especially when you consider the deodorization techniques necessary to get rid of the fungus and mildew as well as that awful smelly odor. Commercial mold damage is also important to get rid of, since you don't want your customers and employees breathing in the fungal spores every time they come to do business.

Preventing Mold From Coming Back

The best way to prevent mold in your home and that pungent smelly odor is for you to be wary of how water is used and dispersed. If you tend to deal with mold in the home a lot, it could be a sign that you have leaking pipes or attic condensation that is allowing for water buildup in certain areas. In these cases, deodorization for the smelly odor just isn't enough, as you'll need to get rid of the cause of the mold entirely. The moment you notice there is a mold problem, be sure to hire the pros so that they can do the proper deodorization and restore your home back to the way it was before so that it's easier for you and your family to live comfortably.

Understanding Your Business Insurance Policy: Storms and Floods

2/11/2019 (Permalink)

Flood in a Arlington, TN bedroom

How And Why Is Flood Damage Different?

While a flood is a costly and devastating experience for a business owner, it is not always covered under their general commercial policy. It is typically understood that flood insurance is separate from commercial property insurance. However, there is not always an understanding as to the reasons why, especially when a typical policy covers some level of storm damage. How and why is flood damage different?

1. Storms

The flooding that is covered by most policies without an additional rider is overflow from drains caused by excessive rainwater. Additionally, you may experience leaks due to wind-damaged roofs which should also be covered under most commercial policies.

2. Floods

Flood damage caused by actual floods and not storms typically refers to overflowing rivers, creeks, lakes, dams and other water courses. While these floods can occur naturally, they are not considered storm damage, likely because floods do not happen everywhere, making universal coverage difficult and unfair.

3. Storm Floods

Flooding caused by storms is an interesting overlap that likely requires clarification from your insurance provider. While a storm may lead to an overflowing river, it still may not be covered by your policy because of where the problem originates.

While your insurer will provide the most significant insight into potential coverage, a disaster restoration specialist in the Arlington, TN, area can also give some insight into preventative measures. Additionally, these companies can help you develop an emergency action plan to protect and restore your business after a disaster.

Flood damage is a tricky topic when talking about insurance coverage. The most common misconception is that insurance companies don’t offer universal coverage because of greed, but the reality is that not enough consumers live in flood zones to make premiums fair. Storms are experienced by every business and person, making general coverage acceptable, but floods will likely always require special coverage and riders.

How To Stop Moisture From Invading Your Business

2/11/2019 (Permalink)

Excess moisture from water entering the facility due to flooding

When a storm rages outside of your commercial property in Memphis, TN , you assume the inside will stay dry. However, rain damage is a primary reason for business interruption. What problems occur when moisture gets in? How do you prevent water damage during a storm?

Potential Problems

As a business owner, you frequently think about your inventory, employees and profit margin. Moisture is probably not high on your list of worries, until it happens to you. Depending on how much water has infiltrated the building and how quickly rain damage is mitigated by storm restoration professionals, the impact can range from minor to severe:

  • Damaged contents such as inventory, electronics or furniture
  • Water-logged flooring, walls and ceilings
  • Black mold resulting from unmitigated standing water, especially in porous surfaces
  • Structural failure that decreases the life expectancy of the property

Preventative Measures

The best way to prevent storm damage is to perform regular building maintenance year-round. Focus on your building envelope, which includes exterior components such as roofing, doors and windows, wall systems and foundation. When designed correctly, these parts work together to form a watertight seal that protects the interior from the elements. Upkeep these areas on a consistent basis to keep moisture at bay:

  • Have the roof inspected at regular intervals and after severe weather events.
  • Slope landscaping and gutters away from the base of the building.
  • Properly seal and frequently inspect doors, windows and venting for leaks.
  • Ensure that your property has functioning drainage systems.
  • Utilize overhangs to divert rain water away from the structure.

A severe storm in Memphis, TN , has the potential to cause significant problems to the structure and contents of your commercial property. Design and maintain the building envelope to prevent moisture from invading your business. If rain damage should occur, secondary damage such as black mold is oftentimes preventable by immediate, professional storm mitigation services.

How a Lightning Strike Can Affect your Home

2/4/2019 (Permalink)

A lighting fire can be just as damaging as any other kind

If you live in Bartlett, TN, you may be wondering if it’s possible for a lighting fire to strike your home. While this force of nature may seem alarming, the odds of having your home struck is roughly 1 in 200.

Facts to Know About Lighting

Understanding this force of nature can help you know the risks to your home.

  • Most strikes occur outdoors in open areas
  • A strike always takes the path of least resistance to the ground
  •  A lightning rod can provide a straight path and help protect your home
  • Only 18 percent of strike related fires were house fires
  •  Most strike related fires start in the attic or around electrical wiring
    • A strike may result in power surges

What to Do if Your Home is Struck

If your home is hit during a storm it’s best to call the fire department regardless of if you see a lighting fire. Tell them your home was hit by lightning so they can send someone to inspect it and look for any signs of damage or possible fire. They will tell you if the house is safe. Afterwards you can call your insurance and have a licensed electrician look over the building’s wiring.

What Should be Done if a Fire Occurs

In the event your home is struck resulting in a house fire, it’s important to get everyone out as quickly and safely as possible and call the fire department. Once the fire is out you should contact your insurance company and any fire damage restoration services they may recommend. These professionals can conduct any clean up and repairs that may be needed, and the cost is usually covered under most homeowner's insurance policies.

A lighting fire can be just as damaging as any other kind. Fortunately, precautions like a lightning rod may help. If your home is hit it’s important to call the fire department for an assessment regardless of if you have an obvious fire. Afterwards you can make any repairs necessary to the home.

3 Tips for Identifying Mold

1/22/2019 (Permalink)

Mold in a Memphis, TN basement

How To Identify Mold?

If you’re looking at doing a mold inspection for your Memphis, TN, home then odds are you have something in your home you want to identify. A mold remediation specialist can take a look at any trouble areas and let you know if you have mold, and what your best course of action may be. Here are a few things they may look at during this process.

1. The Color

Mold can have a variety of colors depending on spore type. Molds that thrive outdoors may be orange or red in color. Indoor molds tend to vary between whites, grays, lighter green, and brown. Black mold tends to be darker greens, grays and black as indicated by the name. While certain species of molds tend to have specific colors, it can be difficult to tell which is which by color alone.

2. The Shape

During the mold inspection the shape and appearance of the potential mold growth may give some indication as to if and what type of mold is present. Mold generally has more depth to it than mildew, and may look fuzzy or gritty depending on type. Molds thriving in wet conditions can look slimy as well.

3. The Growth Pattern

In many cases the growth pattern can be an indication of if you’re looking at house mold or mildew. Mold spreads quickly and often grows into the material where it has settled. Mildew had a slower growth rate and can be wiped off the surface in question. If it’s determined that mold is present, it’s best to begin the removal process as quickly as possible to prevent further infestation.

Using these traits, the professional conducting your mold inspection can determine if you have a mold problem in your home, and what type it is. If you do have mold then you can begin the mold removal process, and take any steps you may need to prevent future problems.

3 Things To Know About Mold Removal

1/22/2019 (Permalink)

Take care of any mold related problems as soon as are discovered

Mold can cause a number of problems from structural damage to allergies. This is why it’s important to take care of any mold issues as soon as you become aware of the problem. When looking at mold removal for your Memphis, TN, home there are a few things you may want to know.

What Your Insurance Covers

When it comes to mold, the specifics of each individual policy may vary. However, the following are usually covered.

  •  Mold growth after emergency efforts in fire suppression, such as a sprinkler system or water from a fire hose
  •  Mold growth after an accidental pipe break
  •  Mold growth after storm damage
  •  Mold growth after flooding, if you have flood insurance in your policy

Insurance will not usually cover damages or remediation costs if the mold growth is due to neglect on the part of the homeowner. So, it is best to take care of any mold related problems as soon as they are discovered.

What A Remediation Professional May Do

In some cases, it may be best to hire a mold remediation service to thoroughly remove any spores from your home. During the mold removal process these professionals can look for any spreading, and take the steps necessary to help prevent future problems. They may also be able to repair damaged areas.

What the Costs Could Be

A mold inspection usually costs between $200 and $600. When it comes to mold remediation costs can vary depending on the mold type, and area of infestation. Small cases can cost as much as $500 dollars while large infestations resulting in structural damage could cost up to $30,000. Black mold removal may have extra costs depending on the methods used.

Having your mold removal process started as soon as you find the problem can not only save you money but may help when it comes time to file your insurance claim. It’s recommended to have a professional handle the removal process as they have the tools and knowledge to do the job thoroughly. If possible, it’s also recommended to take any steps you can to prevent future problems.

How Water Damage Can Affect Your Home

1/17/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage in a Cordova, TN home

If your Cordova, TN , home has experienced flooding you may be wondering what types of damage you may be facing. With the potential to cause problems with everything from swelling wood to possible mold growth, here are some things you may want to know how water damage can affect your home.

Possible Ways You Home Can be Damaged

Water damage can be caused in a number of ways.

  • A broken supply line can lead to flooding in your yard and home
  • Storm damage can lead to a leaky roof
  • Pipes can freeze and break in cold weather
  • Sewer backup can lead to flooding

Long Term Damages

If left unattended water can lead to long term damage which can cause problems for your home, and even lead to the denial of an insurance claim. Sitting water can lead to swelling wood in the floors or walls which can cause structural warping. Standing water also provides a prime habitat for mold growth. In basement areas water can seep into the foundation leading to potential cracking. These problems can be prevented by cleaning up flooding as quickly as possible.

What You Can Do

The first step is to get any flooding cleaned up quickly, and start the water pipe repair process. One the water is gone and any breaks or leaks fixed, you can begin to asses the damage. A water damage restoration service may be able to help you with this step. When looking over the damaged areas be sure to check for mold or rot so that the appropriate steps can be taken during the repairs. 

Water damages can lead to swelling wood, foundation cracks, and even mold growth if left unchecked. This is why it’s important to quickly conduct any repairs necessary whenever you have problems with water in your home. If desired, a professional can help with the cleanup and restoration process.

Apartment Fires: Responsibility Versus Ownership

1/10/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage in Memphis, TN

Apartment Fires: Responsibility Versus Ownership

An apartment fire can create many victims, leaving not only property owners but tenants scavenging for salvageable items and wondering how they are going to rectify the situation. Fire damage for residential owners is straightforward, but when it comes to investment properties and renters, it can get confusing. Who is responsible for what?

1. Structure

The property owner is likely responsible for the structure, meaning that tenants do not need to worry about rebuilding their dwellings. Unfortunately, restoration work can take a while which means that renters are responsible for finding another place to live.

2. Electrical and Plumbing

An apartment fire can cause significant damage to the electrical and plumbing systems, which again is the responsibility of the owner and not the tenants. As the owner of the property, both the structure and the habitability of that structure are your responsibility. However, this may be challenged if it is found that the fire was intentional or due to renter negligence.

3. Personal Property

The property owner is not responsible for a tenant’s personal belongings. Most renters will have or should have renter’s insurance which should cover personal property loss. These policies will either cover the cost to replace the items or the true value of the items.

4. Restoration

Again, as the property is the responsibility of the owner, the restoration expense is also their responsibility. Their insurance policy should cover the cost to hire a disaster restoration specialist in the Memphis, TN, area. However, this does depend on whether the fire was caused by accident, neglect or criminal intent.

While it is often difficult to understand who should pay for what after an apartment fire, it primarily comes down to ownership; the property owner or landlord is responsible for the building, and the renter is responsible for their personal property. However, all of this depends on the cause of the fire and whether it is deemed criminal or accidental.

3 Common Causes of Water Damage in Commercial Buildings

12/31/2018 (Permalink)

The structural integrity of your building in Cordova, TN, is important for the safety and well-being of everyone who enters it. Issues such as leaking pipes or a damaged foundation, however, can compromise the structure. When you have your building inspected, it’s important to be on the lookout for signs of the three major causes of water damage to commercial buildings.

1. Damaged Pipes

Pipes can get damaged by extreme temperature changes. Sometimes, pipes just get old and wear out. Pinhole leaks happen when bad water corrodes copper pipes from the inside. No matter what damages your pipes, they must be repaired quickly before the problem results in a complete pipe break.

2. Undetected Leaks

Water stains on the ceiling or walls that bow out are telltale signs of leaking pipes. Once you see the signs of a leak, quite a bit of damage may have already happened. An undetected leak can cause thousands of dollars in damage that can only be repaired by water restoration experts. The sooner you call for help, the less damage the unwanted gush is likely to cause.

3. Exterior Cracks

To prevent water damage, it is just as important to maintain the outside of your building as it is to keep a watch on the inside. Gaps in your siding, cracks in your foundation or leaks around your windows can let water into your building the next time it rains. If a leak happens on the roof, the problem may result in significant mold growth before you ever know it exists. Foundation problems not only have the potential to affect your water pipes but also your sewer lines, resulting in toilet backup and other unpleasant issues. Keeping your building in good condition both inside and outside is essential to circumventing possible water issues.

Exterior problems, cracks and leaking pipes are serious issues that must be dealt with in a timely manner. Defend your building’s structure with regular inspection and maintenance.

How To Get Rid Of Mold In Your Kitchen

12/28/2018 (Permalink)

You can often find mold damage such as fungus and mildew in your home or office kitchen. This is due to the fact that a lot of moisture can be found in this location. Some examples of kitchen moisture include running water from faucets and steam from tea kettles. The kitchen is also where the food is located, so this is yet another reason why you can often see mold in home and commercial mold damage in the residential or office kitchen.

If the humidity levels in your kitchen remain high, then mold may begin to grow. Some causes of kitchen humidity include liquids that don't get wiped up immediately, steam from a kettle and the steam that comes from cooking meals and cleaning your dishes.

Provide ventilation in your kitchen by opening doors and windows. Quickly clean up any liquid that you spill in the kitchen. Use exhaust fans to decrease your kitchen's humidity. If the mold damage in your kitchen gets to be too much for you to handle, then call on the services of a mold removal company that will provide remediation and deodorization services. The deodorization services will get rid of the smelly odor that often shows up when there is fungus and mildew in your kitchen. To rein in the mold problem, call the mold mitigation specialists as soon as you know that you have a problem.

Mold On Kitchen Dishes

If you don't wash your dishes every single day, you'll see fungus and mildew grow on them. When you stack dishes on top of each other, they don't get a chance to dry out. If they have enough time, mold will then take this opportunity to grow on your dishes. To best prevent mold from growing on your dishes, wash them immediately after use. If you do find mold on your bowls and plates, wash them as you normally would.

Do you have mold growing in the break room sink?

12/28/2018 (Permalink)

Some people find mold in home or commercial mold damage in their home or office kitchen sink. This happens if there are leftover food particles stored in the sink or some type of grease left over from meals. Scrub away the mold using water from the faucet. At this time, you should clean the whole sink so that the mold doesn't return.

Mold in home or commercial mold damage can also be found under the home or office sink. This can happen if there is a leaky pipe or some condensation on the pipe. To rid yourself of this type of mold, call the services of a local mold removal company. The mold removal technicians can do remediation services and do some deodorization. The deodorization can get rid of the smelly odor that you might smell in the kitchen. Your mold damage technicians will also teach you mitigation techniques that will equip you to fight any future fungus and mildew that may show up in your kitchen. 

When you have a history of mold in home and commercial mold damage, it's important to always have mold remediation and mitigation services close at hand. You never know when you'll deal with a smelly odor from mold damage. Whether you have a smelly odor from mold or are dealing with fungus and mildew, calling in the expertise of your local mold remediation and mitigation technicians should take care of the problem before it gets any bigger.

Mold In The Sink Drain

If you find mold in your kitchen sink drain, perform mold removal by taking out the drain gate. Next, you will want to scrub in the drain. If you can't reach the mold from the top of the sink, go under and unscrew the pipe to get at the mold.

If your office or home sink has a garbage disposal, run it and clean it every day. This action alone can do a lot to prevent fungus, mildew, and other mold damage from returning to the sink drain.
Visit SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis

 for more information on mold damage.

Insurance May Cover the Cost of Replacing Your Carpet After a Pipe Break

12/17/2018 (Permalink)

Water loss after a pipe break in a Memphis,TN home

If your insurance company approves your water damage claim, it’s almost certain that they will do something about it and any other floor coverings affected. If the broken pipe released sewage, you should settle for nothing less than a complete replacement. If the water damage is from fresh water, expect them to do no more than have it restored.

Other Factors May Come Into Play

If it was new and was in perfect condition at the time of the break, and if the water was perfectly clean, the decision would be to restore. There may, however, be other issues to consider.

  1. The water coming from the pipe break was clean but was contaminated by something after leaving the pipe. These contaminants might render the carpet unusable and require its replacement.

  2. It could have been a valuable Persian rug. As a valuable item, it should have been listed separately on the insurance policy. If it was not, you might have trouble getting compensated. If the insurance company accepts the claim, the preferred method by all parties would probably be restoration.

  3. Before the damage, it was old and in poor condition. The insurance company might balk at replacing this. They might, however, pay to have it restored.

  4. Due to the break, it has developed a mold problem. At this point, it might be cheaper to replace than to restore it.

A Broken Pipe Usually Affects More Than Just Floor Coverings
The chances are that your water problem goes beyond the carpet. There is a water damage remediation specialist in Memphis, TN, that can take on the entire job, including the floor coverings. They can get started before mold has a chance to become a problem.

A Pipe Break Is Never Welcome in Your Home
Nothing lasts forever. When pipes break in your home, it’s good to have local restoration specialists for the cleanup and insurance policies to pay for it.

How Many Fire Alarms Should You Install?

12/17/2018 (Permalink)

Install at least one fire alarm in your Bartlett,TN residence

The National Fire Protection Association publishes guidelines regarding the number of fire alarms necessary to keep the occupants of any structure safe. Learn more about the fire alarm recommendations for residences in Bartlett, TN.

Bedrooms and Sleeping Areas

Fire alarms can be very helpful if a fire breaks out while occupants are sleeping. A homeowner should install:

  • An alarm in every bedroom
  • Another alarm outside of sleeping areas

At least one alarm per floor
Alarms should give occupants as much advance warning as possible. People who are asleep must be able to hear an alarm.

An Alarm On Each Floor

It is also recommended to install at least one fire alarm on each level of a residence. This means:

  • A one-story home with two bedrooms should have at least three alarms
  • A two-story home with three bedrooms should have at least five alarms
  • A three-story home with four bedrooms should have at least seven alarms

Unless an alarm system is hardwired, it may take some time for alarms to sound on different floors. Installing alarms on each floor can make the difference between having sufficient time to evacuate and resorting to other safety methods.

An Alarm In the Basement

Fires can start in a basement for several reasons. These may include:

  • Electrical fires
  • Furnace fires
  • Dryer fires

When installing a smoke alarm on every floor, it is important not to forget about the basement. Heating and lint fires are two of the most common home fire causes after kitchen fires.

It is important to install a sufficient number of alarms at a residence in Bartlett, TN. Depending on the situation, a fire alarm may give occupants time to evacuate or suppress a fire to limit the extent of fire damage or smoke damage. If a fire causes damage, homeowners can count on the expertise of a cleanup and restoration company.

Fire Safety Tips for Children

12/5/2018 (Permalink)

Educate your children on fire hazards, safety precautions and wise choices concerning electricity. According to the USFA (United States Fire Administration), fewer children are victims of house fires today compared to ten years ago because of an increase in public fire prevention education and prevention efforts. The following list includes safety and fire prevention measures, focusing on stay-at-home youngsters.

  1. Avoid use of the stove unless adult-supervised.
  2. Use caution when using electrical appliances in the bathroom or around water to avoid electricity and water accidents (hair dryers, curling irons, among other beauty aids that require electricity).
  3. Do not put connected extension cords under rugs or in reach of toddlers.
  4. Use covers on electrical outlets in every room to child proof.
  5. If burning odors are noticed, call 911, alert a trustworthy adult neighbor and call parents.
  6. Do not overload extension cords; by design, they increase the amount of power that runs from the outlet. It is dangerous to overload them with TV, stereos, game systems, etc. If cord feels warm to the touch, it may be overloaded.
  7. Quiz children monthly on an escape plan in case of fire.
  8. Teach them how to stop, drop and roll.

SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis feels strongly about educating families on electrical safety to help reduce the risk of fire damage to homes and business.  Any information that we can pass along to keep your family safe is paramount. For additional tips on electrical safety visit Memphis Fire Prevention.

SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis

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"Batten Down the Hatches" - Preparing for the Storm

12/5/2018 (Permalink)

When storms come through your town, SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova is ready for whatever happens.

What does that quote even mean? "Batten Down the Hatches." Several definitions apply, and folks have been using the phrase since 1867 when it was printed in Admiral W.H. Smyth's nautical encyclopedia The Sailor's Word Book.

The word "batten" is a verb (an action word), so to batten something you are doing something, and in this example "batten down hatches" means to make safe, be prepared in case water pours in from severe weather, flooding or strong winds. If there are windows, make sure they are tightly closed (batten). Prepare yourself, your family, house guests and others for the predicted harsh weather: tornado, hurricane, typhoon, monsoon or a strong downpour.

"Batten down the hatches" traveled from The Sailor's Word Book from ship talk as sailors went from "at sea" to living on dry land, the quote traveled with them then as familiar language often does; it was spread throughout the world like a nomad. On board a historic ship: Mayflower, Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria, Andrea Gail and even the Black Pearl doors on the floor of the crafts were shut tightly with tarps nailed over them to keep water from draining to the lower level of the ships during a storm at sea. These hatches still exist but are more modernly crafted.

If they are battened down securely and tightly, the bottom floor of a ship will appear dry, as if a sea storm "never even happened." Stay tuned to the weather channel so you can be prepared and warned by the meteorologist of incoming dangerous weather. Stock up on batteries, test flashlights for working order, have a cellular phone with the Red Cross and SERVPRO on speed dial. Don't forget to "batten down the hatches" at home on land (tightly shut doors and windows).

Fun Fact:

Bob Dylan’s (September 2012) song Tempest, recounts the story of the Titanic's sinking, He uses the lines: "They battened down the hatches, but the hatches wouldn't hold."


SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis

When storms come your way, we are always “Here to Help”.


SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis Fire Team Creates Another Happy Customer

12/5/2018 (Permalink)

Happy Customer Feedback - Local Memphis Church

At SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis we are blessed to receive lots of positive feedback from our customers.  They come in the form of emails, phone calls, handwritten letters, and occasionally a simple text message. We would like to share the sweet text message our Fire Production Manager received last week from a customer who recently experienced a significant fire loss at her commercial property. 

"Good afternoon Chuck. This is Pastor Ruby! I wanted to personally take a moment to say thank you for your sensitivity, your professionalism and your expertise in handling this difficult situation for AWM…while I am aware that you deal with fires, catastrophes and natural disaster daily, the think that’s sticks out in mind is that you felt our loss and you treated me with empathy, compassion and heart….Let me simply say thank you and I pray that every individual you assist will experience that sincerity that I felt as you continue to do your job. Stay blessed! Pastor Ruby Holland."

Our Fire Team is hard at work once again creating a happy customer.  Thanks to everyone on our team for all you do to help our customers through these difficult times. 

SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis

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Mold Damage: Cleaning Tips and Warnings

11/30/2018 (Permalink)

Moisture in ceiling caused mold damage in Arlington,TN

Black Mold Cleanup

Mold cleanup can be a scary process, especially if you are dealing with black mold, which can present certain risks. Fortunately, the cleanup process does not have to be overwhelming as long as you wear the proper safety gear.

  • Face mask
  • Gloves
  • Full body protective coveralls
  • Safety glasses

As long as you are taking your safety seriously, and you do not rush the cleanup, which could potentially release mold spores into the air, you may be able to clean out your building safely.

1. Repair Leaks

As a moisture problem is the likely culprit of mold growth, you will want to find and repair any leak that is feeding the issue. Generally, the leak will be close to the majority of the mold growth. You can usually follow the spread of mold to its source. If it is a leaky pipe, you will want to turn off the water supply before moving forward with the repair.

2. Scrub Hard Surfaces

While anything contaminated with black mold is better discarded, other mold types can be scrubbed from hard surfaces. All that is needed is a durable scrub brush, a mixture of detergent and water, and several clean rags that can be thrown away after drying the surface.

3. Discard Porous Materials

It may be tempting to keep porous items, like rugs and furniture, but it is not a wise decision. Mold seeps into these surfaces, making it difficult to clean the material thoroughly. Additionally, as it is nearly impossible to clean mold from these materials, they present a constant threat of continued mold contamination.

4. Ask a Professional

While cleaning up mold damage is possible on your own, it may be better to seek out a mold remediation specialist in the Arlington, TN, area. These professionals provide both expertise and the necessary equipment to ensure that you, your employees, and your clients or tenants remain healthy and happy.

Cleaning out excessive mold growth, especially black mold, can be a massive undertaking. If you are up to the task, then protect yourself and follow the tips above, but also know that there is no shame in hiring a professional.

How To Provide First Aid for Burns

11/21/2018 (Permalink)

Apartment fire in Bartlett,TN

How to Care for Burns In The Workplace

Whether a fire is severe enough to cause fire damage, occupants of a commercial building may still suffer burns. It is important to keep burn first aid supplies on site. Here are four steps to care for burns in the workplace.

1. Determine the Severity

Assess the severity of a burn before attempting to provide first aid. Call for emergency assistance if a burn is severe, deep, or covers an area larger than three inches in diameter. While you wait for help to arrive, make sure that the person who has suffered the burn is safe. You may cover the affected area with a cool, moist bandage or clean cloth. It is possible to treat most minor burns on site.

2. Cool the Burn

Hold a burn under cool running water to relieve pain and limit cellular damage. You can also apply a damp compress. There is no need to immerse a burn in water.

3. Moisturize and Bandage

It is a good idea to have an emergency kit with burn cream in a commercial property in case of fire damage. Apply this ointment or another gentle moisturizer to a burn to prevent drying. Some formulas contain analgesics that help to relieve pain. Bandage the burn by loosely wrapping sterile gauze around the affected area. This material can safely cover delicate, blistered skin.

4. Avoid Breaking Blisters

Blisters form to protect burned areas from infection. Do not intentionally break these blisters. If a blister does break, cleanse the area with water. You have can also use mild soap. Apply antibiotic ointment and re-bandage the burn.

Take these burn first aid measures to treat injuries in the workplace. Call for medical help if burns are severe or extensive. If the incident that caused burns has also resulted in fire damage, contact a commercial mitigation and restoration company located in Bartlett, TN.

It’s All on the Surface: How Surface Water May be Causing Your Flooded Basement

11/14/2018 (Permalink)

Flooded basement in Cordova,TN

How To Protect Your Foundation And Prevent This Type Of Flooding

A flooded basement can be caused by surface water flooding, meaning external water that is not draining properly away from your home. There are a few things you can do to help protect your foundation and prevent this type of flooding.

1. Dealing with Roofline Overflow

Overflowing and clogged gutter systems can result in significant damage, overflow from gutters can lead to the wearing away of soil and foundational cracks. The three most common causes of gutter system overflow and basement flooding are:

  • Leaf Buildup: Gutters should be cleaned a few times per year, typically at the change of seasons. When debris is left to clog the gutters, the overflow trickles down exterior walls and into your basement.
    • Insufficient Downspouts: If there are not enough downspouts, or if they are an inadequate diameter, then water can overflow during heavy rains.
    • Inadequate Downspout Length: Downspouts should extend at least 10 feet away from your home.

2. Preventing Flooding Due to Landscape Design

If not sloped properly, landscaping can force surface water to settle toward the house, which if left unchecked, will weaken the soil around your foundation and lead to cracks in basement walls, allowing water to enter. Avoid this issue by ensuring all landscaping, pathways, and driveways slope away from your home. If this is not possible, then invest in a proper drainage system around your home that will carry water away from your foundation.

3. Reducing the Risk of Storm Water Backing Up

For many older homes, city storm sewers are connected to a perimeter drain. While a sump pump can prevent the risk of water backing up, when heavy rains hit, storm drains can become overwhelmed and leave your sump pump ill-equipped to handle the surge. Installing a cap on the external drain can resolve the issue but may involve the assistance of storm damage specialists in the Cordova,TN, area.

A flooded basement may be easily prevented by eliminating common causes of surface water flooding. Ensuring gutter systems are adequate, sloping landscaping away from your foundation, and capping off nuisance drain pipes are several ways to help you prevent future flooding.

Fire Damage Recovery: Clarified

10/23/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damage due to space heater running in Cordova,TN

Fire recovery is a simple term that encompasses complex types of damage and actions needed to mitigate that damage. Fire damage is more than charred building materials. When it comes to damage cleaning, here are some things that may include for a house fire:

  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Soot
  • Water

Recovering from a fire may also include many different stages that come down to two key categories:

Mitigation and restoration.

Mitigation is about stopping the bleed and includes the immediate steps taken to minimize damage. Fire restoration focuses on getting your home back to the condition it was in before the fire took place. A professional fire recovery company should offer services that include mitigation and restoration. The right company in Cordova, TN, can be one point of contact to handle all aspects of recovery, including:

* Protection from further damage. This may involve boarding up or tarping the home, or installing a temporary fence to protect people from entering an unsafe building and to keep vandals out.

* Water removal. Water may have been used in the firefight or entered from subsequent damage such as pipe breakage or a storm. Fast water removal is critical to prevent subsequent damage.

* Damaged materials removal and cleanup. This may include drying water-damaged materials, or the cleanup of soot and smoke damage. Building materials that cannot be recovered are removed.

* Cleaning personal items. An important part of fire restoration includes cleanup of your personal belongings. Various methods are utilized for this stage, depending on the materials and type of damage. Items may be cleaned on site or cataloged and removed for special cleaning methods offsite.

* Rebuilding. The final step in recovery is rebuilding; this may include things like structural materials replacement or painting a room.

Fire restoration encompasses many different needs. Know that the right company can manage that process from beginning to end, working with you and your insurance company each step of the way to ease the process for your family.

Weathering the Storm: Creating a Disaster Plan for Your Company

10/17/2018 (Permalink)

Disaster preparedness is an essential and multifaceted element of any business

Disaster preparedness requires a multifaceted plan to ensure the continuity of your business, the safety of your employees, the security of your building, and proactive planning for building and business recovery. Read below for a more thorough overview of these essential elements of disaster planning.

1. Continuity Preparations

One of the first steps in business preparedness is the creation of a business continuity plan. This plan is typically written and printed in a binder or several binders and distributed to top executives and managers in case of an emergency. The plan compiles all vital information regarding business operations, such as procedural changes, managerial and executive contacts, and any financial and crisis readiness information.

2. Employee Preparations

Disaster preparedness can be vital to the safety of employees. You may want to prepare an emergency checklist that is distributed to all employees. This checklist would define emergency procedures and inform workers of all emergency exits, shelters and evacuation measures. Also, while it may not be regulated, you may want to conduct monthly safety meetings to ensure that all employees are knowledgeable of safety protocols and company expectations.

3. Building Preparations

Beyond operations continuity and employee safety, building preparations should be taken to minimize structural and property damage in the event of an imminent natural disaster. Operating in Cordova, TN, where hurricanes and high winds are typical, you may want to invest in storm shutters and biannual inspections of your roof. Additionally, when the weather turns, you may want to secure heavy objects, such as furniture and machinery, and elevate delicate equipment, such as computers, in case of flooding.

4. Aftermath Preparations

Lastly, you may want to contact a disaster preparation and  restoration company to go over your emergency planning options. Some companies offer preplanning services that allow you to create a personalized recovery plan for your business.

Disaster preparedness is an essential and multifaceted element of any business. An emergency plan should encompass preparations for business continuity, employee safety, building security and restorative planning.

Sources of Category 3 Water: What You Need To Know

10/11/2018 (Permalink)

Water damage on a kitchen due to leak from dishwasher in Memphis,TN

When flood waters enter your Memphis, TN, home, the results can be devastating. Floors, walls and furniture can all be affected, and the humidity that develops inside the home due to standing water might create further damage, such as mold growth. Water that is heavily contaminated, also known as black water, can be especially difficult to remove. However, understanding the situation may help you form an effective plan of action for recovery.

Waterway Overflow

Long periods of rain or sudden torrential downpours can cause localized flooding. Your home may be especially prone to this problem if you live near a natural water source. These can include:

  • A river
  • A large creek
  • Fast-moving streams

Because floodwaters can grow as they move, they can pick up a variety of contaminants like animal feces, sewage chemicals and toilet water. This is where Category 3 black water gets its nickname, as it is often dark with contaminants.

Sewage Floods

Outdoor flooding can cause secondary issues, such as a sewer backup in your home. When this occurs, your toilets can overflow with sewer water and waste. Because the resulting flood often creates a contaminated water situation, it is important that you call in a flood damage and water removal company to handle the sewage cleanup and restoration work.

Standing Water

Floodwater that comes from overflowing water appliances or a burst pipe in your kitchen may not start out as Category 3 water, but the longer the water sits, the more contaminated it can become. Humidity can cause stagnant water to degrade, so calling in professionals to have it removed as soon as possible may help minimize the damage.

Black water can cause serious damage to your Memphis, TN, home. However, when you understand the source and have a team of flood removal experts standing by, you can often reduce the risk of mold growth and other issues that could be costly later on.

The Hidden Cost of Leaks

9/26/2018 (Permalink)

Water leak can cause damage to your commercial property

You get your water bill for your commercial property in Bartlett, TN, and you can't believe the number you see. Large spikes in utility bills are often the first signs property owners notice that they have a water leak in their building. Whether the leak comes from inside or outside the property, it will need to be fixed, or over time you may lose thousands of dollar due to heftier water bills.

Inside the Building

With miles of pipe running through your building, it is likely that at some point a leak is going to happen. Some of the most common interior leaks include:

• Leaky toilet caused by a faulty flapper in tank
• Leaky faucet caused by a faulty washer or loose handle
• Pipe break in the walls
• Loose or broken supply line

If you have a water leak inside your building, it not only drives up your water bill, it can also cause significant water damage or even a mold problem if it goes undetected. Then you will have the added cost of water remediation services to add to the list.

Outside the Building

You may have even less control over what goes on outside your building. If your irrigation system is leaking, you may not know it until you get that high bill if you are not conducting routine checks. If the lateral line to your meter is cracked, it can affect the area around your foundation. Look for unusually wet places on the lawn or near your meter or suspicious pooling of water anywhere on your property. If you find such a space during your inspections, contact professional remediation experts to find and fix it the leak.

A water leak can cost you a lot of money if it goes undetected. Protect your business from high bills and water damage by conducting regular inspections and having leaks fixed before they become a big problem.

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Never Be up That Creek Without a Paddle: What Causes Sewage Backups in the Basement?

9/16/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage after a flood from recent storm

A flooded basement can be a nightmare, but when you add the concern for contamination and possible infection from sewage that nightmare reaches new cataclysmic heights. There are several causes of sewage backups, and, while many of them are preventable with routine maintenance, the top four are as follows:

1. Roots Obstructing the Line

Trees and shrubs are the leading cause of blockages in sewer lines because, as they seek moisture, the roots invade the pipes through compromised areas. It is this buildup of roots as well as the breakdown of older clay pipes that combine to create blockages, which leads to flooding and backups.

2. Improperly Flushed Items

A flooded basement can also be the result of improperly disposed of or flushed items. Grease, like cooking oil, and paper products, like paper towel, diapers, and feminine products, form blockages in waste lines, preventing the free flow of water and causing it to back up into the nearest open drain.

3. Intentional Vandalism

For world travelers, or anyone with a toddler, vandalism, whether intentional or not, can lead to floods and sewer issues. Rebellious teens or vagrants may find a way of crashing a vacant house and purposely cause damage by clogging the drains. Your toddler, on the other hand, may only be curious to see if his/her binky can survive a good flushing

4. Municipal Sanitary Main

While there are many preventative steps you can take against possible flooding, like updating your old clay pipes to prevent root infestation, properly disposing of items, or updating security, some things aren’t under your control. The city sewer main is one of those things. While this is rare, storms, flash floods, or mechanical errors can cause disruptions of the free flow of water, resulting in your floor drains backing up.

A flooded basement is never fun but being aware of the causes can help you plan preventative steps to limit the likelihood that you’ll ever have to experience such a disaster. However, despite the best planning, if you experience flooding in the Bartlett TN, area there are several restoration specialists who can help you figure out your next steps.

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Determining the Extent of Your Mold Damage

9/11/2018 (Permalink)

Mold and Mildew Tile damage

If you discover mold on your Bartlett, TN, property, you may want to know just how far the damage has spread so that you can get a better idea of remediation costs. There are a few different ways in which you can perform a mold assessment:

• Air Testing
• Surface Testing
• Bulk Testing

While you could purchase an at-home mold testing kit, only a professional assessment can give you a whole and accurate picture of the extent of any mold or mildew damage. For peace of mind and swift remediation, contact a mold remediation expert near you.

Air Testing

Air testing can tell you whether or not you have a mold problem even if you cannot find the mold growth. Air testing involves capturing air from inside your home and examining it for mold spores. Air testing can reveal the exact concentration of mold spores in your home.

Surface Testing

Surface testing involves swabbing various surfaces in your home with a cotton swab and examining the samples under a microscope. Unlike with air testing, however, surface testing cannot reveal the exact concentration of mold spores.

Bulk Testing

Bulk testing is often the best mold assessment technique, as it provides a complete picture of the extent of your mold problem. This method involves taking various items from around the home and lab testing them for black mold and mildew. Like with air testing, this method can give you an accurate idea of the concentration of mold spores present in your home.

Work With a Professional

If you suspect that you have a mold problem in your home, work with a professional who can thoroughly test your home and give you an accurate idea of the extent of the issue. A professional may perform one or all three of the aforementioned mold assessment methods. Contact a Bartlett, TN, mold remediation expert to have your home tested today.

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Essential First Aid to Treat Burns in the Workplace

8/29/2018 (Permalink)

Workplace Injury after a small fire in Bartlett, TN

If an employee ever receives a burn, acting quickly will help minimize the damage. In a panicked situation, it often proves difficult to scramble to research procedures. Knowing beforehand allows you to act decisively to help your hurt employee and stop any flames from causing fire damage to your property.

Major Burns Need Major Help

Burns that are deep, large or discolored merit calling emergency services immediately. If possible, have another employee call so you can do several helpful things before help arrives:

• Protect the victim from additional exposure to the fire
• If safe to do so, disable power to any electrical fire source to stop additional fire damage
• Wrap the burned areas in sterile cloths or chilled bandages
• Check for breathing and perform CPR on an unbreathing person if trained
• Raise the burnt body parts upwards if possible
• Prevent others from putting water on the burns once the fire is gone to prevent complications

First Aid Is for Treating Minor Burns

Unlike a major burn, first aid is adequate. First, anything around the burn that may get stuck like a ring should be removed from the person’s swelling area. The burn is then cooled to reduce pain. If the pain is still bothersome after a while, the employee should be offered a non-prescription pain relief medication such as ibuprofen (Advil) or acetaminophen (Tylenol).

Blistering may occur, but any blisters should be left alone because they are natural protection from infection. If a blister is broken, the wound should be cleaned with soapy water followed by an antibiotic solution and bandage. This burn first aid prevents any microorganisms from turning the minor burn into a major problem.

Additional Aid for Your Fire-Damage Business

Once the employee is taken care of, your Bartlett, TN, business building is next. The fire that caused the burn likely damaged property. Fire restoration companies specializing in commercial damage are able treat the damage to your business just as you did for your employee. Fire damage can be stopped from being majorly damaging to both your property and important assets like your employees.

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4 Important Pieces of a First Aid Set

8/19/2018 (Permalink)

It is always good to have a First Aid kit available in your Bartlett TN place of business

As a building owner in Bartlett, TN, it is your responsibility to make sure the occupants of the space are prepared for emergencies. This can include having a commercial restoration team on speed dial to ensure your business can get back up and running after a flood or storm damage. It can also mean preparing an escape route for a fire. You should also create a first aid kit that stays on site.

Your emergency kit can contain a wide variety of products. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, your set should include the following items to meet the minimum criteria.

1. Bandages

Your kit should be ready for basic first aid emergencies. You can stock it with various sized gauze pads, adhesive bandages, roller bandages, triangular bandages and wound cleaning solution to ensure all minor cuts and scrapes can be properly taken care of right away. Including adhesive tape and scissors will help ensure anyone who uses the kit can get the bandages cut down to size and stuck in in place.

2. Resuscitation Equipment

No first aid kit is complete without some sort of resuscitation equipment. This can include a pocket mask or resuscitation bag. This emergency equipment can help your employees clear a person's airway.

3. Safety Gear

You may want to include some personal protective gear, such as gloves, tweezers, splint, elastic wraps and blankets, in your set as well. This type of equipment ensures everyone can safely handle emergency situations.

4. Guide

Finally, you want to make sure to include a list of important phone numbers in your emergency kit. These directions for emergency assistance make sure your well-trained staff never forget who to call for each type of emergency. You could also include a map of evacuation routes as an added precaution.

Creating a well-rounded first aid kit can help improve the safety of your building. Once you have your kit stocked, make sure you check it regularly to replace missing or outdated items.

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Important Maintenance To Prevent Water Damage

8/14/2018 (Permalink)

A pipe break can cause a huge water loss in your Bartlett home

You never want to find water in home where it doesn't belong. Standing water in your basement, bathroom or living space can be a big headache. You have to call a residential water cleanup crew to get the long process of cleaning your Bartlett, TN, home started.

• Assess the damage.
• Make a cleanup plan.
• Remove standing water.
• Replace damaged building materials.

With so much to do after a water-related disaster, it's easier to do whatever you can to prevent the damage.

Plumbing Components

A broken pipe can easily turn into a major disaster. If you have the plumbing components in your house inspected regularly by an expert, you may be able to avoid cracks and leaks that could lead to flooding. Not only do you want to check out the pipes, but you also need to have the toilets, tubs and other fixtures in your house inspected for faults.

HVAC Systems

The heating, ventilating and air conditioning of your house also has to be inspected. You should try to have the unit looked at in advance of whichever season it needs to be used. This will help you ensure you don't see water dripping, draining or leaking from the unit, which could cause excess water in home.


Even the appliances in your home have to be maintained to avoid unexpected water damage. Washing machines, refrigerators, water heaters and dishwashers could have cracked hoses, aging gaskets or faulty connections. If you have the appliances inspected annually, you'll be able to repair damages before they turn into leaks that cause a buildup of water in home.

Doing maintenance on your pipes, HVAC and appliances call help you avoid the need to do a pipe cleanup after water floods into the livings paces of your home. When you want to avoid working with a professional remediation team, you need to do whatever you can to keep disaster from striking your house.

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6 Leading Causes of Home Fires

7/30/2018 (Permalink)

Candles can cause house fire if left burning while gone

The National Fire Protection Association complies data on home fires in the United States. The NFPA then publishes the study on home fire, injury, and loss of life. Although the statistics are alarming, there are several areas that many of the fires have in common. You can help increase the odds your home in Bartlett, TN, will never experience a blazing disaster by noting these six leading causes of home fires and proactively checking to make sure your home is safe.

1. Lit candles are a leading cause of fires. Although most candles come with a warning about not leaving the wax creation alone when burning, most people ignore the notice. Once lit, the flames can catch curtains, carpets, and papers quiet easily and then spread through the whole house.

2. Electrical devises are a major cause of house fires. Faulty electrical connections and over-heated equipment top the list of hidden fire causes.

3. Smoking is still a major source of home fire problems. People still fall asleep with a burning cigarette in their hand. The bed, chair, or carpet can then easily catch fire and cause serious injury. This type of fire is ranked by fire repair and restoration professionals as one of the worst type of fire cleaning scenarios.

4. Small children are a major cause of residential fires. Interestingly, playing with fire by children has been ranked in the top five of dangerous fire scenarios for more than a decade.

5. Holiday decorations cause many fire tragedies during winter months. Dry trees and overheating lights are noted as the major cause of holiday fires.

6. During summer months, lightning can often cause home fires. Homes in wooded areas are especially vulnerable to lighting strikes and major fire damage.

It is estimated that a home fire ignites every 86 seconds in the United States alone. That means the odds of a fire occurring in your neighborhood during your lifetime is rather large. By noting the six-leading causes of residential fires, you can take the extra step and proactively protect yourself and your family.

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Take These Steps to Minimize Flood Damage

7/30/2018 (Permalink)

Rain water can flood your Tennessee home

Do you worry every time a storm rolls through Bartlett, TN, that water will get into your home? Do you think you’ve prepared your property for incoming flood water? If you’re not sure, it’s time to evaluate your storm preparation plans and ensure you’ve got things ready to keep water out and avoid damage. There are a few things all homeowners should do today to protect their home.

Secure Your Valuable Belongings

While you should be most concerned about your loved ones and about your home itself, water damage can wreak havoc with your most treasured keepsakes and possessions. There are some things you simply can’t replace, so you need to find methods to keep them out of harm’s way.

• Place treasured materials in waterproof containers.
• Keep important documents such as insurance policies, tax information and mortgage papers in a safe deposit box.
• Take inventory of your precious keepsakes by taking photos.

Clean the Gutters

It’s important to get on your roof once a year (or more frequently if necessary) and check your rain gutters. If they are full of debris, you need to clear them immediately so when major storms come through Bartlett, TN, flood water doesn’t gather around your foundation. Make sure the gutters are sending water far from your home.

Seal Vents and Lower-Level Windows

If you have vents that lead from the outside into your basement, you should seal them to prevent water from entering. A flooded building usually has problems start in the basement, so make sure there are no entry points for water in these areas of your home. Also, double check your windows that they are secure and free of cracks or gaps.

Flood water can be devastating to your home and possessions. If you want to reduce your risk, you need to put these protective measures in place today. When you do this, you can have the confidence that you’ll be safe when a large storm drops significant precipitation.

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Protect Your Commercial Property From Mold Damage

7/25/2018 (Permalink)

Protect your Commercial property from mold damage

Mold is known as the king of fungus because it can grow almost anywhere on earth. With over 100,000 different types of mold worldwide, it can thrive on organic surfaces of all types. The fungus is a frenzied eating machine created by nature to break down and recycle anything that was once alive. Yet surprisingly, mold sends out beautiful spores in dozens of colors including yellow, green, and black mold varieties. There is only one thing other than food that mold needs to complete a lifecycle, and that is water.

Playing Hide and Seek

If your commercial property in Bartlett, TN, has a moisture problem, you probably have mold. To eliminate the cause of the mold and stop the spread of spores, you need to stop the water source feeding the mold colonies. If your building experienced a flood of some type recently, invisible water damage could still be lurking. Water can easily seep under

• Cabinets
• Flooring
• Wallboards

The hidden water can easily provide spreading fungus with ample liquid for colony development. Additionally, wet insulation can feed mold colonies for months after a pipe leak occurs. In fact, weeks or months after the flooding, red, green or black mold can begin to make an appearance in areas you thought were dry.

Killing Water and Mold

To kill the mold, you need to remove the source of the water. Most water removal and mold remediation groups are trained in how to locate and identify hidden molds. Once the fungus is found, the cause of the water can be identified, and mold cleanup can begin. If floorings, cabinets, or lumber sections have been badly destroyed by the fungus colony, the building supplies may have to be replaced because the actual structure of an object can be ruined by mold.

Protecting Building and Property

Rather than attempting to remove yellow, purple, or black mold on your own, call in a team of specialists and have them identify the source of the water. Not only can you protect your property from further mold damage, but you may also be protecting the structure of your building.

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How To Replace a Broken Toilet

6/28/2018 (Permalink)

Toilet Repair in Bartlett, Tennessee

When you own a home in Bartlett, TN, there are some things you take for granted. When you flip the switch, the light will come on. When you twist the knob, water will come out of the faucet. When you flush, everything in the toilet will go down the drain. When your toilet starts leaking, you want to get the problem fixed and get back to normal as soon as possible. Here are the steps you can take to troubleshoot and, if necessary, replace a leaking toilet.

1. Finding the Problem

Pinpointing where the leak is coming from is the first step. Is water seeping out of the base? Is it coming from the tank? Does a supply line look compromised? Some types of toilet repair are quicker, less expensive fixes than replacing the toilet altogether, so it's good to eliminate them first.

2. Turning off the Water

If your problem is more serious and you need to replace your leaking toilet, start by shutting off the water supply. This helps prevent a flooding issue for which you would need water mitigation services. Once the water is off, flush the toilet to drain all water inside it.

3. Removing Tubes and Toilet

Disconnect the tubes that connect the old toilet to the water source. Then, gently rock the toilet to loosen the seal at the bottom so that you can remove it without breaking it. Scrape the seal off the bathroom floor.

4. Replacing Seal and Toilet

Once everything is removed, you work in reverse. Line up the new gasket on the floor. Set the new toilet on top of it and make sure it seals. Connect the supply lines between the wall and the toilet.

Once you are certain everything is connected properly, turn the water valve back on so that the toilet can fill up and be ready for use. With a few simple steps, you can replace a leaking toilet so that your home's plumbing operates the way you expect.

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3 Differences Between Flood Mitigation and Restoration

6/17/2018 (Permalink)

House Flood in Bartlett Tennessee

When flooding occurs at your Bartlett, TN, business, you may not know where to begin when it comes to cleaning up the water or how to protect the building from further damage immediately after a flood ends. Calling a flood cleanup company can be an effective first step in resolving any issues with your building and property, but since flooding techs may perform both mitigation and restoration services, knowing the difference between the two can help you understand what to expect once help arrives.

1. Mitigation Is Performed Immediately

When storm damage techs first arrive at your business, they may discuss mitigation procedures with you. These actions are designed to prevent the spread of flood damage and may include the installation of tarps on a broken roof, sealing of flooded rooms to reduce the spread of contaminated water and draining vulnerable areas to protect sensitive machinery or systems. Mitigation is typically performed upon the arrival of your flood cleanup company.

2. Length of Completion

While a restoration company may also offer mitigation services, the length each job takes can be quite different. Because mitigation is meant to prevent the worst of the damage after a flood, it is usually performed and completed within a day or two of the incident. Restoration, however, can involve the tearing out of drywall, broken or sagging sections of roofing and mold cleanup. This can take anywhere from several weeks to a few months, depending on the damage.

3. Level of Owner Involvement

Because mitigation usually involves emergency action, flood technicians may ask you to stand clear while they perform this service. They may even evacuate the building and get back to you with a report once mitigation is complete. In contrast, restoration may require extensive input on your part, from what you would like salvaged and repaired to being involved and advised about what is to be torn out and cleaned.

Dealing with flooding in Bartlett, TN, can be stressful as a business owner. However, when you know the difference between mitigation and restoration, you can feel more confident about working with a flood cleanup company.

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3 Secrets Commercial Walls Can Hide After Water Damage

6/12/2018 (Permalink)

Drywall Water Damage in Bartlett

Commercial buildings in Bartlett, TN, often contain sheetrock walls separating tenants, offices, and common areas. Although the plasterboard is sturdy and holds up well to daily wear and tear, it has a secret weakness – water. When sheetrock gets wet due to damage from a rampaging flood, broken pipes, or torrential rains the damage is typically much more extensive than what meets the eye. That is because the gypsum wallboard material can absorb many times its weight in water per square inch. The absorption alone is usually responsible for the three secrets the walls can hide after water damage. They are:

1. After drywall begins to absorb water, it can lose much of its structural integrity and become weak and crumbly. As the board swells, the water can push the paper covered edges until it slips off and the seams cease to align. Nail holes can suddenly pop and are no longer able to hold the crumbling wall against the wooden frames.

2. Wet drywall can stay wet for a very long time after water cleanup. Once the gypsum panel absorbs water, it can freely share the liquid with the framing boards holding it up. If the support materials are the typically used pine two by fours, the wood will commonly absorb and retain water as long as the sheetrock stays wet. The water can then weaken the building structure as it absorbs more liquid and the wood fibers swell and separate.

3. Mold growth can appear within 24 to 48 hours after the water damage first occurs. By the time most commercial water repair and restoration teams have begun to process the area, mold is probably already growing in damp, hidden spots within the walls. The fungus can easily survive on drywall’s paper backed cellulose and may continue to grow for as long as the gypsum is wet, and the walls are left undisturbed.

Walls can hide most signs of water damage, but sagging walls and water stain lines are tell-tale indications the walls are keeping a secret. The most cost-effective treatment is usually replacement of the gypsum boards.

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6 Cleaning Methods for Personal Belongings After a Fire

5/23/2018 (Permalink)

Cleaning Belongings after Fire

The flames of a fire can do a lot of damage to your commercial building in Bartlett, TN. However, smoke can do just as much harm to your belongings. As you try to cleanup after a fire, you may need the help of a commercial fire cleanup crew to take care of your property and the content within. Content cleaning can come in many forms, including the following:

1. Ultrasonic: The combination of ultrasound and a cleaning solvent is used to agitate the surface and deep clean. This method is only appropriate for non-porous items as they will be immersed in the solution.

2. Dry: Dry-cleaning can serve two purposes. Either it provides a light clean for objects that don't need much, or it serves as a pre-clean before another method. The dry-cleaning method is great for clothes and other objects that can't get too wet.

3. Wet: This typical method uses water as the primary cleaning agent. In some cases, the professionals may include soap or other cleaners to help rid your belongings of residues.

4. Foam: Upholstery fabrics often cannot be submerged in water, so a foam technique may be better. This method uses a foaming cleaner and a brush.

5. Immersion: Sometimes content cleaning needs to get serious. For items severely damaged, an immersion into the cleaning solution may be necessary. These belongings may have to soak for a while for the best effect.

6. Spray and Wipe: When items cannot be submerged or wet, a spray and wipe cleaning may be another option. This allows the professionals to use a light layer of cleaner that is wiped away almost immediately.

Content cleaning is a necessity after a fire. If you are thinking of doing content storage until your building is ready, you should still clean the items before putting them away. Waiting too long after a fire could make all of the cleaning methods, from dry-cleaning to immersion, unsuccessful.

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What Is Black Mold

5/13/2018 (Permalink)

What is Black Mold?

With so many articles about toxic black mold in the news, you may be wondering exactly what it is and if you should be worried about it. You may even be in a panic because you’ve found mold growing in your home. The good news is that the mold in your home is probably not the type of mold that’s toxic. The bad news is that if you have any type of mold growth in your home, you may want to call a mold remediation specialist in Bartlett, TN, to begin cleanup. Whether it’s a species toxic to human health or not, mold can do extensive damage to your house.

The Low Down on Mold

Mold is a type of fungus, which means it’s a distant cousin to yeast and mushrooms. There are over 100,000 species of mold, and many of them are black. Of course, not all of these are likely to grow in your home. However, of the four most common types of mold to be found inside your house, half of them (species of Alternaria and Cladosporium) are likely to be black. The highly toxic species of black mold, Stachybotrys chartarum, isn’t rare, but it is less common than other household molds.

Why It Thrives

Stachybotrys chartarum, like all mold, thrives in places that are damp. Mold spores are found everywhere, so if you have areas in your home that are consistently moist, spores can land there and grow into a visible colony. This can be a damp corner of a poorly ventilated bathroom, the wall below a leaky window or a basement where groundwater is seeping through the concrete. To keep your home free of mold, follow the following tips to prevent excess moisture.

• Repair leaks
• Do regular maintenance on plumbing
• Keep indoor humidity below 50%
• Ventilate rooms

What To Do If You Have Mold

If you find mold growing in your home, don’t attempt to clean it up yourself. If it is Stachybotrys chartarum a mold removal service in Bartlett, TN, can ensure that the cleanup is done quickly and efficiently while keeping your family safe.

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3 Common Causes of House Fires and How To Prevent Them

5/8/2018 (Permalink)

Prevention for common causes for house fires

Practicing fire prevention can be an effective way to keep your Bartlett, TN, house safe. However, before you can prevent a home fire, it is important that you understand what causes one. There are several common reasons fires start inside a home, and you may be surprised at how activities you perform every day might contribute to a dangerous and costly blaze.

1. Careless Cooking

Careless cooking is a common cause of house fires, especially when pots and pans are left forgotten on the stove top. You may get distracted by phone calls, bickering kids or a television show in another room. Make it a habit to never leave cooking food unattended, and always carefully monitor simmering stovetop foods, such as rice or soup.

2. Arson

Arson often tops the list of common home fire causes, but not all cases are intentional. Many are caused by curious preschoolers playing with matches or mischievous older children burning items with lighters. You can prevent this by keeping matches, lighters and lighter fluid locked up and away from little hands.

3. Unattended Candles

Candles can cause fires when they are left too close to curtains or tablecloths or if you forget to blow them out before you leave the house or go to bed. It is wise to burn candles in enclosed containers or use wax melting devices, which are typically safer than an open flame in your home. There are also many candle alternatives that provide the same glow without the flame. Candles can leave soot marks on your walls and ceilings that often require the services of a fire cleaning company to remove completely.

You can be more confident about protecting your Bartlett, TN, property once you have the facts about what commonly causes a home fire. The more you know about the possible dangers, the more effectively you can protect your home and family.

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Mold Growth Hot Spots: How To Find Them

4/23/2018 (Permalink)

Ceiling Tile Mold Damage

No matter how you look at it, discovering that your commercial building has become host to a world of mold is no thrilling experience. Your building may even have mold growth in too many areas to count. While indoor mold is inevitable – at least to some degree – there are certain places that you can keep a close eye on in the future.


You're likely too busy investigating the spores at eye level to notice that the carpet in your Bartlett, TN, building could also become mold's new turf. With its permeable materials, carpet has a way of soaking in moisture and dirt and keeping it there. Any past water damage in the building could raise your chances of having a mold-infested carpet. Depending on the extent of the damage, calling in a professional to get the job done might be a wise choice.

HVAC Systems

Your HVAC unit's drain pan, specifically, is another hot spot for mold growth. The pan naturally receives moisture from air passing through the system's coil, subsequently allowing that moisture to stick around. You can do the following to help prevent this mold-prone mess:

? Ensure proper installation of the pan
? Consider placing new access doors on the unit for better inspection
? Inspect the pan on a regular basis and clean when needed

By maintaining awareness of your unit's efficiency and any possible leaks, you can better rule out the pesky visitors.

Ceiling Tiles

Any rooms with acoustical ceiling tiles are prone to mold growth, even if the tiles don’t make up the entirety of your building's ceiling. It’s important to identify all sources of potential leaks. Any areas with high humidity are also especially vulnerable to fungal growth.

Part of keeping a thriving business includes regular maintenance checkups. Whether water damage or a humid setting may be causing problems, using these tips can help you get back to business sooner.

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Fire Sprinkler Maintenance and When To Do It

4/14/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

Installing a fire sprinkler system in your building is one of the best ways to extinguish a fire quickly. Not only can you address the problem before a fire truck in Arlington, TN, has time to reach you, but your sprinklers also use a lot less water to put out the flames. However, sprinkler maintenance is required to keep your system efficient. To prevent problems, here are three tips you can use.

Have Full Inspections Annually

Fire sprinklers are hardly ever used, but it’s important to keep them in good shape. By being prepared, you can save lives and reduce the amount of damage that a potential fire could cause. These systems need full inspections at least every year to check for certain things:

• Pipe problems
• Corrosion
• Improper calibration of the system

By checking for these serious issues, you can get things fixed before a problem happens.

Check Water Pressure Quarterly

If a fire does occur, you’ll want to make sure that all the sprinklers work properly. Sometimes valves get turned off or the water pressure isn’t sufficient. As part of your sprinkler maintenance, you will probably want to check for these issues as often as four times a year to make sure that your fixtures will provide the needed water to put out a fire. In the case of accidental flooding or water damage due to putting out the flames, make sure to hire a professional restoration company to help you out.

Clean Sprinkler Heads Regularly

Coatings of dirt, grime, or grease can easily build up on your sprinkler heads, especially in areas that easily accumulate dust and muck. By cleaning the fixtures often, you can make sure that the water will evenly distribute when activated. Also, be sure to avoid painting over the sprinkler heads. This can really clog up the water and create issues.

Although you may never have to use your sprinkler system, having one is a great precautionary measure. By doing sprinkler maintenance often, your building can be protected during a fire.

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After the Flood: 3 Safety Tips

4/9/2018 (Permalink)

Flood Water Damage in Hospital

Whether it's just your basement or the entire house, a flood can unleash a wrath that may consume your time for months. Even though your shelter and prized possessions can easily take the forefront of concern, there is one factor that stands above all the rest in these situations: flood safety. It’s time to learn about some quick safety pointers you can keep in your back pocket for future disasters.

1. Keep Emergency Supplies on Hand

When nature's unwelcome visitors make an appearance in Bartlett, TN, it is easy to become overwhelmed and disoriented. However, by knowing the location of your emergency kit and keeping it close by, you can ease the stress. Emergency supplies could also potentially come to the rescue in serious situations. Depending on the extent of the damage, the help of a professional might be necessary.

2. Relocate to Higher Ground

Once again, it can be tempting to ignore the safety tips and remain near your belongings during all stages of a flood. It is important to move to higher ground – especially during flash floods – when your home could soon become partially submerged in water. Moving by foot is also important since driving conditions can be dangerous during these times. Relocating to higher ground is a flood safety tip that could make all the difference when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

3. Remain Aware of Surroundings

Lastly, keeping a focus on the wellbeing of yourself and anyone else living in your home is one of the most crucial safety tips of all. Pay special attention to water levels, even when they do not appear threatening. When moving, water can pose a significant hazard and can even take your feet out from under you unexpectedly.

Floods can be aggravating, time-consuming, and even frightening, but they can also become manageable when the right flood safety measures are kept in focus. While your property is certainly vital, your safety during these sudden disasters is the key to combating a flood and its damage.

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How To Approach Mold Safely

3/27/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Containment in Bartlett

When you discover mold in your home, your first instinct is probably to get rid of it as soon as possible. You may want to grab the nearest cleaning supplies and start scrubbing. Cleaning mold without face masks or other proper protective equipment, however, can cause you to breathe in the mold spores. If you are going to get near the mold damage in your home, you need to put on at least three things:

" Face mask to protect lungs
" Gloves to protect hands
" Goggles to protect eyes

Cover the Face

When the mold remediation specialists in Bartlett, TN, arrive to remove the mold, one of the first things you will probably see them do is put on face masks. This keeps them from breathing in the spores that are already in the air when mold is present as well as those that will be released into the air as soon as they start the cleanup process. A well-fitting mask can keep mold spores out of their lungs while they work.

Cover the Hands

You should never touch mold with your bare hands. While most of the mold can be washed away with a vigorous washing with detergent, some spores may linger under your nails or on your arms. If you must remove items from the area where there is mold damage, always use gloves, preferably those that cover most of your arms as well.

Cover the Eyes

Another place you do not want mold spores to end up is in your eyes. If you are in the area where mold growth is being removed, it is a good idea to wear goggles. Try to find a pair that does not have ventilation holes, as spores may find a way to your eyes through those holes.

Most mold remediation must be done by professionals to ensure the problem is handled thoroughly. If you are around mold, however, face masks, gloves and goggles can help protect you from its spores.

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How Often Do Bathroom Supply Lines Need To Be Replaced?

3/21/2018 (Permalink)

Supply Lines replaced in Bartlett

Water supply lines are a required bit of plumbing in bathrooms, kitchens and other parts of your home. This piping is usually put in during initial construction, but it may need to get replaced if there is any supply line damage. As a new or experienced homeowner in Bartlett, TN, you may want to learn how often this plumbing piece has to be replaced. It can depend on a few factors, including the following:

" Construction materials
" Renovation frequencies
" Damage signs

This guide can help you learn more.

Construction Materials

Supply lines are often made from some type of plastic or a steel braid. Typically, steel braided supply lines last longer than their plastic counterparts. Most plastic products come with a five- to eight-year warranty, but a steel braided pipe may have a lifetime warranty. Of course, the length of a warranty does not necessarily correlate with how long you can wait to replace the plumbing. If you notice a supply line leak, for example, you may want to replace the piping even if it has not made it very far in its warranty.

Renovation Frequencies

If you change out your toilet, sink or tub, it may be a good idea to also replace the supply line. The rubber seal in the line can be hard to reseal after it has been disturbed. In other words, you may have a healthy-looking supply line, but the renovation of your bathroom can lead to unexpected supply line damage that could be avoided by replacing the plumbing.

Damage Signs

If you notice a bathroom leak, your plumber or water damage specialist may help you figure out that the source is the supply line. When this happens, it is a good idea to replace the piping as soon as possible. Keeping a piece of plumbing that has a leak can lead to larger issues in the future.

Supply line damage can happen for a variety of reasons. You should be able to go years without replacing your bathroom water supply, but you shouldn't be afraid to change out the piping if necessary.

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When and Why to Use Flood Cuts

3/16/2018 (Permalink)

Flood Cuts after Storm Damage

If your business property in Bartlett, TN, floods, chances are that the floors are not the only part of the building that will be affected. Walls with water damage from flooding can become breeding grounds for bacteria and mold, and it can compromise the structural integrity of the building. A flood cut marks the spot 12 inches above the water damage to tell water damage restoration specialists where to begin when they tear out damaged walls.

Is a Flood Cut Necessary?

While flood cuts are common when businesses have taken on water damage, in certain circumstances, replacing the wall can be avoided. The walls may be salvageable if the following conditions exist:

• The water that caused the flooding is clean water.
• The walls are not insulated.
• There is no sign of mold spreading into the wall.

If all these conditions are met, it is possible that technicians can drill small holes in the wall and use industrial dryers to prevent further damage. If, however, the water in question holds the possibility of contamination, everything it touches must be removed and replaced. As insulation cannot be dried and used effectively after it has been wet, it must be replaced as well.

How Does a Flood Cut Help?

Measuring a whole foot above where the visible damage lies might seem like overkill at first. However, when it comes to flood damage and the potential complications it poses, you will probably agree that it is better to be safe than sorry. Humidity does not have the courtesy to stop at the flood line. To ensure that every inch of your business is protected from mold growth and contamination, restoration professionals remove any drywall and insulation that might have been affected.

Flooding can seem like a disaster, but it does not have to turn into an ongoing devastation. With the help of a flood cut, technicians can replace the drywall and keep your building in Bartlett, TN, and all its inhabitants safe from further issues.

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Mold Insurance: What Is Covered

2/21/2018 (Permalink)

As a business owner in Memphis, TN, your insurance policies are important to maintaining your company and securing your future. Insurance coverage is there to protect against damages from several kinds of events. Floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters can lead to a widespread mold problem throughout your building. So, how do you know if you’re covered? How do you know what’s covered? Here are a few things that are generally covered under an insurance policy.

Direct Loss and Damage Costs

In some cases when it comes to fungus growth, the insurance claim depends heavily on how the mold grew. If the mold was due to a flood, you may need accompanying flood insurance to receive coverage. If you do have mold coverage, however, then you may find that your property is protected from direct losses or damage costs. This means that if the mold damages or ruins any of your business’s belongings, the cost will be covered.

Repair Costs

After a widespread mold problem, you are bound to have damages to the building. This is where you need a professional remediation service. With mold insurance, you should be covered for the repairs that need to be done. It’s also good to keep in mind that while most molds and funguses may be included in a policy, there are exemptions, especially with fungus growth.

Testing Costs

If you had a flood or other natural disaster that may cause you to worry about the presence of mold, then you should have your property professionally tested. The good news is that some coverage will take care of you when it comes to testing for fungus growth in your business.

Insurance is one of the single most important protections that a business can have. Given how mold is a common problem, it’s important to make sure that you are covered in case of damages.

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What Should Go Into a Business’ Fire Escape Plan?

2/14/2018 (Permalink)

Every office building in Memphis, TN, needs to have a fire escape plan. At the bare minimum, this plan needs to include a layout of the property that clearly shows where all the escape routes are located. The plan should also include information about how many people are inside the building at any given time. This will help firefighters immensely during the evacuation efforts. However, there are a number of other things your emergency escape plan should contain.

1. Location of Fire Extinguishers

Everyone in the building should be able to use a fire extinguisher if the need ever arises. You may want to consider conducting a seminar to teach people this useful skill. You want to keep extinguishers at key points around the office. It is good to have one in the break room where the fridge, microwave and other appliances are located. It may be good to keep them in stairways, too.

2. Location of First Aid Kits

You also want people to be able to find first aid kits in your fire escape plan. As per the Red Cross, you should always contact 9-1-1 following an emergency of any kind because people may need more intensive medical care. However, a first aid kit can be tremendously helpful for addressing minor wounds right there at the scene.

3. Smoke Alarms

Finally, you want the plan to contain the locations of all smoke alarms. It is also paramount to have professionals come out frequently to inspect these alarms. It is a good idea to make sure they are always fully operational, so they will not fail you if you ever require them.

Once you have created your fire escape plan, you need to share it with all employees. Run practice evacuations from time to time so that everyone knows what to do and where to go should a fire ever break out.

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Dealing With Smoke Damage in Your Home

2/7/2018 (Permalink)

After a fire at your home, it is likely you will need professional help to restore your residence to its original condition. Soot and smoke damage can devastate your property. Smoke cleaning is not a do-it-yourself project that many individuals are successful with. Fire restoration specialists in Memphis, TN, can help remove that pervasive smoke odor and clean your carpets and upholstery, removing soot residue.

Fire Damage Restoration

Immediately after a fire, you should think about contacting a professional. Here are some steps to get you started on getting your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

• Contact a restoration company immediately, the sooner the better.
• Assess the extent of the damage to your property. Many times, the soot, water and smoke damage is more extensive than visually apparent.
• Prevent damage from getting worse by using tarps, plastic sheets, sealing services and industrial fans. You need to keep ash and soot contained and dry any areas suffering from water damage.
• Start the cleanup process. Professionals have the chemicals and equipment necessary to remove soot, ash, smoke and water. Smoke cleaning requires special equipment and devices.
• Repair and renovate any parts of your home that received extensive fire damage. You may need new walls or flooring or to rebuild entire rooms.

Smoke Damage

The longer you allow smoke and odors to linger, the deeper they soak into walls, furniture and carpets. It is important to ventilate your house as quickly as possible. Turn off your heating and air and replace the filters. Your HVAC system could make the problem worse by spreading smoke, soot and ashes throughout your home.

Some heavily damaged items may need to be disposed of. It is also vital that you throw away that was not sealed in airtight containers.

Don’t let a fire ruin your life. The devastation can be disheartening. Get to work quickly. The faster you start the smoke cleaning process, the less extensive the damage will ultimately be.

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How a Flood Cut Can Spare Your Basement Walls

1/18/2018 (Permalink)

Damage from flooding is among the most trying of challenges for any homeowner in Bartlett TN. Depending on the severity of the saturation and level of contamination, it may be necessary to tear out certain building materials to avoid bigger problems down the line. Restoration professionals might advise making what is known as a flood cut in order to spare as much existing drywall and insulation as possible. Learn what you should expect if this approach is recommended for your residence.

The Cut That Heals

If you dip a paper towel into a pool of water, the liquid will begin to wick upward and absorb into the towel. Unfortunately, drywall tends to act in a similar fashion when flooding occurs, allowing moisture to creep up well beyond the visible high watermark. This is one situation where a flood cut may be employed as follows:

1. Cuts are made at least 12 inches above the waterline, ensuring that a majority of affected materials are safely removed.
2. Industrial air movers and dehumidifiers can be placed to begin drying the environment, returning it to a normal state.
3. Building inspection tools such as moisture meters can be used to determine that flood-related effects have been effectively eliminated.

To Cut or Not To Cut?

Keep in mind that flood cuts are not required in every instance. If the damage is limited and the water does not show evidence of contamination (such as due to a backflow of sewage), other solutions may be employed. In cases where the walls are not insulated, there’s often less need to tear out drywall in general. Less invasive options might allow for drilling of small holes in affected areas, which are used to pipe in warm, dry air and remove dampness. Regardless, it’s advisable always to respond to signs of flooding in Bartlett, TN immediately so as to limit the negative impact on your home.

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Bursting Pipes Got You Down?

1/18/2018 (Permalink)

Bursting pipes leave a big mess. You can call a professional in Memphis, TN, to fix a broken pipe, but what do you do about the water damage in Memphis, TN? Plumbers will perform the necessary repairs to fix your burst or leaking pipe, but it will be up to you to deal with the cleanup.

Water Damage

Water can cause serious damage, especially if it is left standing for a prolonged period of time. You should start the cleanup efforts as soon as possible. If the damage is limited to a small space, you might be able to handle things on your own. A water mitigation professional in Memphis, TN may need to be called in if the bursting pipes affected multiple rooms, traveled between floors of your home or went unnoticed for over eight hours.


If you are dealing with standing water or the leak happened near electrical appliances, turn off the power before you enter. You will need to have any carpet removed. Depending on the damage, it may be salvageable. Clear the room of all furniture and other removable items.

If you are dealing with standing water, it needs to be removed. You can hire a professional or use a shop vac, depending on how much water you are dealing with. It is important to thoroughly dry the area. Warm, dry weather might allow you to open doors and windows. Bring in big fans.

You may even need to remove sections of your wall to ensure the space behind is completely dry. Drywall and insulation can wick water. If the insulation isn’t dried properly mold can grow. Water mitigation specialists can come in and determine the full extent of the damage caused by the bursting pipes.

Dealing with water damage can be a frustrating and overwhelming task. It is vital that you remove all water-soaked materials and dry the space out completely. The faster you can accomplish this, the less likely you will have to deal with mold in the future.

For more information visit us at http://www.SERVPRObartlettcordovaeastmemphis.com after your water loss.

3 Facts About Secondary Damage

1/18/2018 (Permalink)

After a flood, the direct contact with the water causes the initial damage. Unfortunately, when your business floods, this will not be your only concern. Secondary damage is a complex concept. It involves any damage that occurs after the initial problem. For instance, once the water is gone, it does not mean that there will not be further trouble.

1. Mold, Bacteria and Fungi Growth

The biggest concern that most people have after a flood is the mold growth. This is especially a concern when it comes to black mold. A strong cleanup is the best defense against mold. Make sure you do not have any water trapped or moisture left in the air. Time is of the essence when it comes to mold. Not only do you need to make sure that the main flow of water is gone but the moisture should no longer linger in the air.

2. Structural Decay

The high humidity in the air can cause structural decay to start taking place. This is why it is important for you to remove every sign of water from your business after it floods. Make sure to use cool air to dry out the building. This can help rid the air of moisture that causes decay and black mold. Structural damage is difficult to come back from. In fact, there are cases that are irreversible.

3. Wood Warping

After a flood, you may notice the wood floor warping. Additionally, you may notice the curving of a stairwell or the exterior and interior doors warping. These are symptoms of secondary damage. When this happens, you can end up with a security risk to your business.

Fortunately, black mold, structural decay and wood warping are preventable. Professionals trained to handle commercial flood damage will know how to prevent any future problems from arising. Once you have an expert in your corner, your Cordova, TN business can return to normal.

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3 Tips to Prevent Mold Growth During Your Vacation

12/15/2017 (Permalink)

3 Tips to Prevent Mold Growth During Your Vacation

As you prepare to leave on vacation, the last thing you should have to worry about is encountering mold in your home upon your return. If water damage occurs in a residence and is left unattended, mold can spread throughout an entire residence in the span of 48 to 72 hours. Whether your trip is several days, weeks, or months long, here are three mold prevention tips you can take to help make sure all is well upon your return.

1. Turn Off the Water

Controlling moisture levels is the most effective and practical method for preventing mold. Pipes can be one of the major culprits behind major leaks, which can develop mold within 24 to 48 hours. Turning off the water makes burst or leaky pipes less likely and reduces the possibility that mold will grow.

2. Turn Down the Heat

Mold thrives in moist and warm environments. Keeping the interior of your home relatively cool while you are away is another method of mold prevention. If possible, running the HVAC system less can also reduce the amount of air circulating over any surface on which mold might be developing.

3. Leave Your Home Clean and Dry

A clean and dry environment does not lend itself to mold. Keeping interior humidity levels between 30% and 60% can stop mold from developing. A reliable dehumidifier can help you keep your home within this range.

4. Have Someone Periodically Check on Your Home

If your vacation will be extended, you might want to ask someone you trust to check in on your home at certain intervals just to be sure. This has safety benefits beyond just mold prevention.

If you know of a current mold issue that could turn into a problem, you should contact indoor environment specialists in Memphis, TN before leaving on vacation. Mold can grow and spread rapidly, and you may have a harder time managing the problem or making an insurance claim for unattended water damage if you leave. Mold prevention is the best approach to keep a new problem from developing while you are out of town. Visit http://www.SERVPRObartlettcordovaeastmemphis.com.com for more information on mold damage.

Steps To Take After a Fire Destroys Your Home

12/15/2017 (Permalink)

Steps To Take After a Fire Destroys Your Home

To say that a home has suffered from water damage after a fire sounds like an oxymoron, but think about the amount of water firefighters use to put out a blaze. Sadly, in addition to having to deal with fire damage, homeowners must also contend with damage caused by the fire hose. If you recently experienced a house fire and are not sure where to begin with your remediation efforts, consider the following tips from your Memphis, TN fire repair and restoration team.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Immediately after a fire has destroyed your home, reach out to your insurance provider to see what, if any, of the damage the company will cover. If your policy does cover damage caused by fire, an agent can help you fill out all of the necessary forms and file your claim to speed up the amount of time it takes to recover the compensation you need to pay for restoration efforts.

Call a Fire Restoration Team

While it may be tempting to try to clean up and repair your home yourself, doing so can be extremely dangerous. Fire damage, combined with water damage, has likely made your home’s structure weak. Additionally, you never know what objects may still be smoldering, and if you attempt to move one that is, you risk getting second- or third-degree burns.

Clean Up Debris

Once hired, a fire restoration team will begin the slow but steady cleanup process. They will first remove all debris and items that are not salvageable, and then move whatever items are salvageable to a safe area outside of the home to dry. Water extraction tools may be used to remove water from the carpet, floorboards and walls, and any damaged materials—doors, floorboards, window casings, etc.—will be removed.

Restore Your Home

Once the home is clean and dry, your fire restoration team can get to work restoring your home to pre-fire condition. Though doing so may take time and considerable effort, with the right team on your side, it won’t be long before you’re back in your home.

Water and fire damage often go hand in hand. If your Memphis, TN home was in a house fire, turn to your local disaster remediation team for help today. Visit http://www.SERVPRObartlettcordovaeastmemphis.com for more information on fire damage.

What a Flood Cut Is and When it Is Required

12/15/2017 (Permalink)

What a Flood Cut Is and When it Is Required

If you have suffered flooding damage in Memphis, TN then you are likely already researching the restoration process. One of the most common practices when repairing damage caused by flood water is determining a flood cut. Despite being a simple part in the process of preventing contamination, many people do not know what a flood cut is, what it is useful for, and when it is and is not necessary. Before you contact a restoration company, learn everything you can about when it is necessary to tear out your walls with a flood cut.

What a Flood Cut Is

To put it simply, a flood cut is the point where undamaged walls are separated from damaged walls which need to be replaced. This line is important because it is necessary to remove all the damaged material to prevent contamination. A flood cut is made 12 inches above where the water damage line ends. After flooding, flood cuts are useful for:
Eradicating accumulated bacteria
Removing and restoring all water damage
Ensuring all damaged material is removed, both internally and externally
Restoring walls to their complete and appealing appearance

When Is a Flood Cut Necessary?

A flood cut is not always necessary, but it is very common. If flooding occurs with clean water, a flood cut may not actually be needed. However, sewage frequently backs up during a flood and if this is the case, a dangerous contamination of bacteria may be present. If the water was not clean, a flood cut to tear out your damaged walls is always required in order to ensure your home or business is perfectly safe to return to. Dirty water is the most common aspect that determines if a flood cut is necessary, although other smaller factors may also be considered. Each situation is unique, so your restoration professional should help you to make the final decision. Visit http://www.SERVPRObartlettcordovaeastmemphis.com for more information on flood damage.

Lessons on How to Deal with Fire Damage at the Workplace

11/1/2017 (Permalink)

Lessons on How to Deal with Fire Damage at the Workplace

All catastrophic events are unfortunate; they lead to the destruction of property and sometimes, loss of lives. Out of all possible disasters that could occur in a house or an office building, fire is the most dreaded. Yes, nobody likes to play with fire, and instead of dealing with fire damage, home and office owners should put measures in place to prevent the occurrence of fires. For instance, installing a fire suppression mechanism or a fire sprinkler system can go a long way towards controlling commercial fire damage at the workplace.

However, fires, unlike storms and hurricanes that can be forecasted, are unpredictable. Sometimes, no matter how many fire suppression mechanisms or fire sprinkler systems have been put in place, the damage will still occur. Therefore, it's imperative to have to have a fire damage restoration professional on speed dial. After calling 911 for the fire truck, the next call to be made on that phone should be to alert the fire damage restoration company with a fire hose and fire truck to handle the commercial fire damage, smoke damage, and soot damage.

What to Do Before the Help Arrives

All office buildings should have meeting points, evacuation plans, as well as other emergency measures. Most workplace fires are of electrical nature. An electrical fire in the office can be caused by faulty equipment or antiquated and loose wires. What steps should be taken in the event of a fire? Say someone discovers a utility room fire at the office, what should they do? Well, first of all, is to raise the alarm.

If the fire is too big to be contained, one should leave the room and call the fire department with a fire truck and fire hose to handle the situation. No one should attempt to put out a big fire by themselves, those fire extinguishers are meant for small fires. Just focus on getting people out of the building, and no one should go back for their belongings or anything else. Let the firefighters deal with the commercial fire damage, soot damage, and smoke damage. They have the necessary equipment including the fire truck, fire hose, fire sprinkler system, and fire suppression tools.

Dealing with the Damage

After an electrical fire or utility room fire, there are three types of damages: there is soot damage, smoke damage, and water damage. Water damage is a consequence of attempts from the firefighters to contain the inferno using fire hose or a fire sprinkler system. Water from the fire truck drawn via the fire hose into the burning building will lead to a certain degree of water damage. What hasn't been already affected by the fire damage is most likely to be destroyed by the water. Care should be taken not to use water when it's a utility room fire or electrical fire.

After the fire has been contained and building cleared as safe for entry by the firefighters, people can now access the property and try to salvage whatever is left before it gets completely ruined by smoke damage and soot damage. There should be no attempts to try and restore the damage, that's the job of the fire damage restoration company. Fire restoration efforts should start as soon as possible, probably right after the firefighter truck leaves. If the fire restoration team hasn't arrived by then, you can try to move items unaffected by the fire before the smoke stains them permanently. Anything else regarding fire restoration should be left to the professionals.

Clean Up and Restoration

The process of cleaning up and fire restoration should be left to the professionals, as stated earlier. The home or office building owner has neither the training nor the equipment required to undertake this process. On top of that, the fire restoration professionals are experienced and know what to do keep losses at a minimum.

The fire damage restoration company should have proper certification and should be specializing in dealing with matters commercial fire damage, utility room fire, and electrical fire through fire suppression. The team is responsible for any exercises or activities that need to be undertaken to make the building safe to work in again. The property cannot be used until the clean-up exercise has been completed.
Visit http://www.SERVPRObartlettcordovaeastmemphis.com for more information on commercial fire damage.

Overcoming Residential Fire Damage

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Overcoming Residential Fire Damage

A fire can happen at any time. When there is a fire in a home or there is a fire in a business, it's important to know what happens when the fire is out. Professional fire damage restoration encompasses many aspects. Knowing what it involves and how to get it is key to overcoming residential or commercial fire damage.

Fire Damage Restoration Begins with the Board Up

The board up is the first part of fire damage restoration. Without the board up on windows and doors, it's possible for people to trespass. Although there will be a restoration company doing a lot of work, they won't be there at all times.

The board up adds security until all of the residential or commercial fire damage is cleared out. Once windows and doors can be secured once more, the boards will come down.

Professionals Have Various Tools & Techniques
One of the top reasons to call a restoration company is because they have a lot of tools and techniques to help with the various aspects of residential and commercial fire damage:

Fire cleanup
Smoke smell
Smoke damage
Soot damage

It ensures that homeowners or business owners can focus on other aspects of fire damage without the ones being directly involved with the fire damage restoration in itself.

It's Important to Document Residential and Commercial Fire Damage

Often, fire damage is something that can be taken care of by insurance. In order for insurance to cover a claim, all of the fire damage has to be identified. This means that none of the fire cleanup can begin until after photos have been taken.

In some instances, the restoration company can document what happened after a fire in a home or a fire in a business. In other instances, an adjuster will come out to document the smoke damage, soot damage, and everything else before the fire cleanup takes place.

Owners who have had a fire in a business or a fire in a home need to be ready to file a claim. By working with professionals, they can learn about the proper procedures. It will make it easier to get everything done, including getting rid of the lingering smoke smell.

Fire Damage Needs to be Addressed Quickly

After there has been a fire in a home or a fire in a business, it's important to work on fire cleanup and the damages as soon as possible. Smoke damage makes it hard to breathe. Plus, there's the lingering smoke smell. Soot damage might lead to permanent interior damage. There might also be issues with building stability because of weakened structures.

By working with a restoration company immediately following a fire, it's possible to work on smoke damage, soot damage, and the smoke smell without having to worry about long-term damage.

Every home and business owner should know what needs to be done when there is a fire. It's more than just calling emergency services to get a fire truck out. A mess is left behind when a sprinkler system or fire extinguishers are used. Depending on the type of fire, there might be water, foam, powder, or other elements over everything. As such, this needs to be cleaned up before it's possible to identify the full level of damage.

It's impossible to do everyone on one's own. It's why restoration companies specialize in fire damage. It ensures owners get the help that they need every step of the way, without having to wait for extended periods of time.
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6 Tips To Help During A Storm Restoration

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6 Tips To Help During A Storm Restoration

Storm damage can damage your home in many ways. Hurricane damage, wind damage, ice damage, hail damage, and water damage can affect your home anytime. Here are helpful tips to help you get roof leaks, ice damming, flood water, river flooding, flooding or rising ground water under control and gain complete storm remediation.

Allow Expert Create Water Restoration Plan

The kind of damage your home determines home restoration plan undertaken. Whether it is ice damage, hurricane damage, wind damage, hail damage, roof damage, and water damage will affect the method of storm remediation. Most storm damage occurs concurrently. For instance, heavy rain, hail, and lightning cause hail damage, flooding, and water damage. The water restoration plan needs to aim for timely storm remediation. The plan outlines roof repairs for roof leaks on roof damage, repair frozen pipes, and how to remedy any ice dams and ice damming. The restoration plan determines whether you require flood pumps for water restoration and remove ground water, river flooding and flood water.

Identify and Prepare for Climatic Conditions

Environmental and climatic conditions often change. Throughout the year you might experience flooding, river flooding, excess ground water, and ice dams causing storm damage, and water damage. Time of the year environmental conditions you will experience. During the summer you likely to encounter hail damage, hurricane damage and roof damage on your home that will cause a roof leak. In the winter prepare for ice dams, frozen pipes, ice damming and ice damage on your home. River flooding, flood water, and flooding can occur any time of depending on the amount of rainfall.

Focus on the Storm Remediation

Storm remediation focus on putting hail damage, ice damage, flood water or ground water under control and minimize further wind damage or hurricane damage on your property. Start home restoration immediately. Use flood pumps to control and remove flood water, mend frozen pipes, and repair roofs after roof damage. Wind damage, hurricane, storm damage and ice damage are unavoidable and unpredictable. How you deal with the home damage affects home restoration plan. Call professionals who will use flood pumps and other specialized equipment to facilitate rapid storm restoration.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Check if your insurance agent covers property damage from ice dams, floods, excess ground water, and river flooding. Document roof repairs, repaired frozen pipes, and ice damage on your property using photos. Call you're the insurance company before commencing any roof repairs.

Explore Appropriate the Water Restoration Techniques

Employ the appropriate restoration techniques to achieve proper storm remediation. Professional storm restoration expert has the expertise, method, and equipment such as flood pumps to deal with ground water, flood water, and river flooding. Identify the salvage items and those soaked in water. Address ice dams, roof leakage and roof damage on your home. Work with a trusted home restoration expert who can identify ice damming and mitigate on future occurrence of roof leaks and roof damage.

Repair the Storm Damage to Achieve Restoration

Reaching out the storm restoration expert who understands hail damage, roof repairs and the mitigation on flooding and wind damage will timely restore your home. Flood pumps will efficiently deal with water in your house. You require roof repairs and roof tarps. Remove the damaged items and document on them. Dry and clean the house. The storm restoration expert has specialized equipment to remove odor in your home. Renovate and paint your walls. Rebuild roof and install new carpet.

Every storm damage is different but working with home restoration expert will facilitate and ease storm restoration. Taking note of various climatic conditions and taking remedial measures with help prepare in case of home damage. Focusing on home restoration and storm remediation is essential. Following a few tips such as appropriate restoration plan and techniques, and contacting your insurance company will enhance complete renovation. The expert will make a recovery easy and cost-efficient.
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Flood Damage and Rapid Response

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Flood Damage and Rapid Response

When it comes to flood damage, or any other type of water damage, rapid response is crucial. The reality is that the  water damage can be limited when the mitigation process starts quickly. SERVPRO offers emergency and rapid response. SERVPRO offers these services around-the-clock, 365 days a year. They can be on the scene of water in your business situation rapidly. These water damage mitigation services provide immediate estimates and can commence work on flood damage cleanup and restoration immediately. Water Damage Restoration and Water Cleanup When selection a water cleanup service, a home or business owner needs to select a company that utilizes the latest technology. In addition, a home or business owner must ensure that a provider is selected with an experienced team of professionals. Water cleanup must be both thorough and rapid. The longer water remains unattended following a flood damage incident, the greater the long term and even permanent consequences.

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Choosing the right way to restore a flood damaged property

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Choosing the right way to restore a flood damaged property

With so many things becoming ever more expensive by the day, it is no wonder that so many Americans choose to go the do-it-yourself route on an increasingly wide array of tasks. While changing one's own oil or even doing one's own drywall job is admirable, there are still some things that are best left to the professionals. Water damage restoration and mitigation is one of them.

Each year, billions of dollars in property damage occur all over the United States due to flood damage. While some of these properties will inevitably be written off, the vast majority are completely salvageable. This means that, even though massive property damage was ultimately incurred, there really never should have been any. All too often, this is the simple result of the property owner not recognizing the severity of the situation and taking the proper steps to remedy it.

One of those important steps is to mitigate damage after a flood. Call SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis for mitigation services or click http://www.SERVPRObartlettcordovaeastmemphis.com for more information.

Experienced Mitigation Technicians

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The single most important thing that any property owner who notices water in their business that may lead to flood damage can do is to call in their local professional water damage restoration company. A water damage restoration company will have powerful and sophisticated equipment at its disposal, equipment that is specially designed for use in flood damage restoration and mitigation. And it will have trained and experienced staff, with tens of thousands of hours between them of successfully carrying out the restoration and mitigation of water damage.

It is for these reasons that a professional restoration company should be called. Any time flood damage occurs, time is always the most crucial factor. Waiting too long to begin the restoration and mitigation process of a flooded home or business will all but ensure that the water in the home or water in the business will cause permanent damage. In the worst cases, this damage could result in the total loss of the building's value.

Luckily, there is a set process that has been proven over decades and that every restoration company is well versed in. Carrying out these established water cleanup protocols is the best way to minimize damage to a flooded home or business.

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The water cleanup process

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The water cleanup process

It is crucial to remember that the most important step a property owner can take whenever they have noticed flood water in their business or water in their home is to immediately call in the professionals. Once the call is made, a water cleanup team will typically be dispatched to the home, usually arriving within 30 minutes.

Once on scene, the water cleanup team will immediately start the assessment of the water in the business or water in the home, classifying the water according to its health hazard risk and moving quickly to stanch any existing leaks emanating from pipe breaks or supply line breaks. The team will also carefully examine the area around the original pipe break or supply line break, noting if any water has seeped into unseen or hard-to-reach places.

Once the damage to the flooded home or business has been assessed, the team will begin the water removal process.

Removing standing water from the flooded home or business

Water will be removed through the use of heavy-duty extracting equipment. This should only take a few minutes, as the equipment used is capable of sucking out thousands of gallons of water per hour.

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The Drying Process

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The drying process used by SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis

The first step is for the team to set up industrial-strength drying equipment such as air movers and dehumidifiers. Special care will be taken to thoroughly dry the area around the original pipe break or supply line break. If water has seeped into any areas around the supply line break or pipe break, special drying equipment will be set up to ensure that all moisture is removed from the area. The drying process can take 3-5 days for traditional drying. However, hard to dry materials can make the process longer: wood floors and crawlspaces.

After the building is dry the restoration of any damaged materials can be started. The restoration is the most time consuming.

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Understanding the Fire Damage Restoration Process

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Understanding the Fire Damage Restoration Process

After a fire tragedy such as an electrical fire or a utility room fire, there is a lot of confusion among the afflicted parties, and it is hard to figure out what to expect. In such a scenario, only a professional commercial fire damage expert can ensure that the occupants of the building get back to their normal lives as soon as possible. More importantly, it is crucial for every afflicted party to begin the process. Most people take too long to begin the fire restoration after the fire truck has left the premises only for soot damage to take a toll on the building and its contents after firefighters have completed the fire suppression process.

Emergency Fire Damage Contacts

Any company understands that the longer it takes to begin the fire restoration process, the harder it becomes to rectify soot damage as well as smoke damage. Most commercial building managers only have the emergency contacts for a firetruck. Commercial fire damage experts and companies have emergency contacts, and they operate 24/7. They are prompt in their response, and it is vital that property owners and managers save their contacts.

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Commercial Fire Damage Assessment

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When the team arrives on location, they will begin the assessment of the damage caused as they await the fire truck to finish the putting out the fire. Smoke damage and soot damage is aggravated by water present in the building. A firefighter can only draw up the action plan of what to do for a successful fire restoration process and in collaboration with a fire restoration expert, they can make an intensive fire damage, smoke and soot damage assessment of the commercial property.

Sealing and Clean Up

The fire damage company starts by looking for ways it can stop the smoke damage and soot damage from getting worse. For instance, to prevent water from leaking into the property, they seal all busted pipes as well as holes in the roof and walls. Commercial fire damage companies then remove all items with heavy soot damage from the property for disposal.

The next process is to remove all the stagnant water left after the fire truck has left. This process is done with a flood pump and a dehumidifier. Cleaning then begins, and this involves removing soot from items and surfaces as well as fumigating the room to expel the smoke smell. All carpets salvaged from the property will have to be professionally cleaned. This is part of the commercial fire restoration.

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Fire Damage Restoration for Commercial Properties

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After such a tragedy as a fire, it is only best that the building is equipped with fire suppression mechanisms, such as a smoke sensor. Modern technology has made it possible for an installed fire sprinkler system to go off once the sensor goes off. Install a fire hose, fire sprinkler system, smoke sensor on strategic areas in the property, and at least one fire hose per floor.

It is dangerous to try and put out an electrical fire with water and so, a firefighter can come in handy at pointing out the best options for putting out an electrical fire or a utility room fire. Most fires get out of hand because of human error. A study conducted by commercial fire restoration experts show that many suffer severe fire damage since the fire suppression systems in place such as the fire sprinkler system and the fire hose did not have any water in them. This places a bigger burden on the fire truck.

After the entire process is over, consult a firefighter on how to avoid a utility room fire. This can include advanced fire suppression instruments among them extra fire extinguishers and a fire hose. After the company is through, it is good to consult with the restoration experts and fire fighters on the best fire sprinkler system, utility room fire, smoke damage as well as get the drills on how to avoid an electrical fire that is more damaging.

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Professional Storm Damage Restoration

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Professional Storm Damage Restoration

Harsh weather conditions like flooding, wind, and storms can cause devastating damage to homes, property, or businesses. Property damage due to storm damage or flood water is one of the most overwhelming issues when it comes to home safety and security. When this form of damage occurs to your family or business, your first step is to contact a home restoration company that you trust will conduct a proper storm remediation.

An immediate response for storm restoration reduces the impact that occurs to your property. It is worth noting that roof damage may be accompanied by water damage hence the quicker your response, the less risk there is for the floor, walls and property to seep up water. Consequently, this helps reduce the cases of mold growth that may cause decay.

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Causes of Storm Damaged

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One of the main causes of property damage is storm damage and it comes in various forms that include:

• Freezing weather and bursting of frozen pipes.

• Ice damming forming an ice dam.

• River flooding that causes damage if no flood pump available.

• Lightning strikes.

• Hail damage and ice damage.

• Wind damage.

• Thunderstorms.

• Tornadoes and high winds.

• Hurricane damage.

• Tidal surges.

• Oozing of ground water.

Storm restoration service providers carry out multiple storm remediation. Some of the tasks completed include:

• Securing of property.

• Window board-up pre-storm and replacement.

• Tree removal.

• Water restoration after flooding

• Roof damage restoration involves fixing a roof leak that needs roof repair and replacement.

• Board up and roof tarping.

• Siding damage.

• Debris removal.

• Demolition.

• Interior and external cleanup and restoration.

• Hurricane damage restoration.

• Wind damage restoration.

• Flood pump construction in case of river flooding.

• Hail damage restoration

• Ice damming restoration.

• Repairing frozen pipes.

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Storm Restoration Experts

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Once contacted, the storm restoration experts will need to visit your home/business to assess and analyze the level of damage that has occurred. The main priority of these professionals is to secure your property before proceeding to attend to cleanup, repair, and restoration needs. Once all the debris has been removed from the exterior and roof repair is done, the experts move to internal cleanup in case the dry cleaning of furniture, carpets, clothes and other items is needed. Oozing of ground water especially in places prone to flooding could also cause storm damage especially if river flooding occurs and no flood pump has been constructed.

Before proceeding to choose a restoration company, you ought to consider their reliability in minimizing the damage that occurs to your home/business after a storm. The company ought to attend to your psychological needs like shelter, clothing, and food before proceeding with the needed storm remediation.

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Storm Restoration Services

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Water restoration services are needed in cases of water damage caused by flood water, roof leak, ice damage, oozing of ground water, leaking or bursting of frozen pipes, and ice dam bursting. Water restoration companies come up with various storm remediation services to ensure successful home restoration tasks. During the home restoration process, the storm restoration companies concentrate on storm damages such as roof damages that may cause a roof leak hence the need for roof repair. Hail damage and wind damage may for instance cause roof damage.

Ice damming is also problematic in cold places like Tundra that forms an ice dam that can burst any moment causing ice damage to your property or home. When frozen pipes burst, they may cause flooding in homes hence the need for the cleaning of flood water before any damage occurs. River flooding on the other hand can be minimized through the construction of a flood pump that helps in the water restoration process when conducting home restoration exercises.

Ice damage, hail damage, hurricane damage, ice damming (forming ice dam), bursting of ground water, wind damage, and flood water occur naturally. As a result, wind damage can also be resolved through storm remediation. Hurricane damage is particularly common and its impact may be overwhelming. All of these damages may result to roof damage that calls for roof repairs to avoid a roof leak.


Mold Damage in your Home

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Mold Damage in Your Home

As mentioned earlier, mold can infest your house when there’s dampness due to water leakage or floods. Luckily, homeowners can know when their houses are contaminated with mold. These two fungi are very similar but if you’re keen enough, you can differentiate the two. Usually, mildew is less detrimental than mold and appears like a gray patch growing on a damp surface. On the other hand, mold can have many colors depending on the type; usually green, black, or brown. These two fungi produce a pungent musty odor which is irritating to eyes and nasal cavity.

The Process of Professional Mold Mitigation

The process of mold removal and mitigation begins by mold inspection and testing. According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), homeowners should seek the services of mold damage inspection company if the mold is invisible or the infestation is too large for do-it-yourself methods. A mold inspector will come to your house and perform a visual examination of suspected areas to locate and determine the extent of the infestation. He will also try to detect smelly odor if there are any. If necessary, he will then collect two air samples (one from inside and another from outside) to test for air contamination and also to know the type of the mold. The samples are then taken to an approved laboratory where they are tested. Once the results are known, the inspector will share them with you and advise you on the way forward.

After identifying the type of the mold and the level of contamination, the mold removal and mitigation company will then commence the process of mold removal. They will give you a written quote and if you’re satisfied, the process should begin as soon as possible. On the day of remediation, they will come to your house and survey the whole building, inside and outside. They will repair water leakages that may cause smelly odor and isolate the contaminated area. They will close all windows and doors separating the contaminated rooms from other rooms and cover them with polyethylene sheeting. This is done to prevent the spread of spores, smelly odor and fungus to uncontaminated areas.

Soon after the containment, the team will suppress dust in the contaminated room by misting the whole place. This process is also called deodorization. Then, they will then remove all moldy porous materials and discard them in plastic bags which are then tied tightly. They decontaminated the outside surface of the bags and take them outside through the window to prevent any smelly odor. The next process involves cleaning and deodorization of all contaminated surfaces with chemicals approved by EPA. The entire area is scrubbed and dried to make sure that all the mold, mildew and moisture are removed completely. Afterward, they will use a HEPA vacuum to vacuum the entire place leaving no moisture or debris. The contaminated debris and dirt are discarded in plastic bags which they take them away.

After mold damage remediation and deodorization, the homeowner should contact a mold inspector again to perform surface testing just to confirm whether the deodorization and remediation were effective. Once this process is over, the house can now be declared mold-free.

Whilst mold and mildew can pose no threat, the EPA recommends that these fungi should be immediately removed by mildew mold damage remediation and removal company if they become a problem. The same process can also be applied to commercial mold damage. The only difference is that commercial mold damage may be more costly and takes a longer time to clear.

Emergency Ready Profile

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Have you ever felt unprepared when confronted with a damaging fire. Maybe it was a broken pipe that continued to flow for hours because nobody knew where the shutoff location was.

I know it seems counter productive for a restoration company but we are trying to help your business be more prepared from the damaging effects of fire and water.

The Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) is a tablet and phone application that allows you to take photographs of shut off locations for water, gas, and fire suppression systems. Each photograph can have a written explanation of how to turn off the different utility systems.

Our hope is that your commercial property will have less damage during a loss and be able to get back into business more quickly.

Why You Can't DIY Mold Removal

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Why You Can't DIY Mold Removal

Mildew, fungus, and dry rot all concern home and business owners, but nothing concerns anyone as much as noticing any form of black mold. When people find black mold at home or work, they tend to wonder if it’s the kind they should worry about. The good news is not all black mold is the kind people see on the news and read about, but the bad news is it takes a professional restoration company, remediation, and mitigation to determine if black mold is harmless or not.

When people find mildew, mold growth, fungus, and/or dry rot, they don’t usually panic. It’s not a big deal, especially if the area in which the mold damage is growing is a small one. They immediately try to clean it up on their own and ignore the problem. After all, mildew and dry rot are pretty common in many areas, and no one worries much about it. The truth is all mildew, fungus, dry rot, and even a smelly odor with a hint of must to it is a concern. It’s time to learn what to do when people find mold in the home and commercial mold damage.

Identifying Mold

The first step is identifying mold growth and mold damage. It might not be as easy as people think. The obvious signs of mold damage are dry rot, mildew, and fungus. These each require relatively similar conditions to grow, and so does mold growth. This means people might not want to ignore dry rot assuming it’s not a big deal, they might not want to wipe up mildew or fungus and think that’s enough, and they might want to pay closer attention to that smelly odor.

The smelly odor is probably the biggest cause for concern. It’s a little musty. People use deodorization to get rid of it. That might include using candles, air freshener, or opening doors and windows to air out a home. This kind of deodorization works for everything else, so why not this? The problem is this kind of deodorization won’t work on this kind of smelly odor, because it’s probably mold growth behind the walls. When mold growth behind walls occurs, it typically means flood waters weren’t completely cleaned out of a home or office or there is a problem with the pipes somewhere.

Mold growth behind walls is a very common issue for home and business owners. In fact, many people find mold in the home and commercial mold damage after mold growth behind the walls begins to spread outside the walls causing more serious damage.

What to Do When There is Mold in the Home or Commercial Mold Damage

Any mold growth or mold damage found in a home or business must be taken seriously from the start. The best thing to do is call a professional restoration company to handle the mold removal aspect. They’ll come out and provide remediation and mitigation to help. They can identify black mold as harmless, they completely dry water damage, find the mold growth at the source, and continue with remediation and mitigation to help home and business owners get rid of mold growth once and for all.

What Not to Do When There is Mold in the Home or Commercial Mold Damage

There’s a lot to learn about mold damage. A restoration company should deal with mold removal. No home or business owner should attempt any form of DIY mold removal at any point. They need to leave mold removal to the pros along with the remediation and mitigation process. Attempting DIY mold removal only spreads mold spores and increase mold damage.

The best way people can help is to shut off the air to prevent the faster spread of spores, to start drying any water damage, and to avoid touching any mold. Mold removal is best handled by a restoration company with the proper equipment for deodorization, clean-up, and removal. Remediation and mitigation are not optional when mold is a problem.
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Containing the Costs of Fire Damage Restoration

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Containing the Costs of Fire Damage Restoration

When faced with the catastrophic consequences of a fire in home or fire in business, you have a number crucial issues to promptly address. Underpinning all of these issues is the matter of undertaking fire damage restoration in a cost effective manner. When it comes to taking on the aftermath of a fire in home or fire in business, there are some key tactics you can employ when it comes to addressing fire damage in a cost effective manner.

Select a Comprehensive Restoration Company

A key step to take when containing costs of fire damage restoration is engaging the services of a restoration company that provides comprehensive services. You need to select a restoration company after a fire in home or fire in business that provides a range of services that include board up, fire cleanup, smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell. When it comes to residential and commercial fire damage remediation, a comprehensive master plan for addressing fire damage is a key element in containing overall costs.

Quick Recovery Response

Another key step to containing the various costs associated with fire damage restoration after a fire in home or fire in business is to engage a quick response from a restoration company. The reality is that fire damage is best addressed, and associated costs best contained, when a professional restoration company can provide a rapid response.

There are fire damage restoration services that can provide immediate response to a situation in which residential or commercial fire damage must be addressed. Indeed, there are companies that can respond to a residential or commercial fire damage situation that can respond almost immediately.

Ax an aside, immediate response must include proper board up. Board up ensures that damage to the premises are mitigated. In addition, board up protects the premises. All of this adds to the containment of the costs associated with a residential or commercial fire.

Reliable Cost Estimate

When it comes to strategies designed to contain the costs associated with fire damage, an accurate, reliable, and thorough estimate is fundamental. When you need to engage a fire cleanup and restoration services, you need to select a firm that will provide an accurate, reliable estimate. Keep in mind that there are some fire cleanup and remediation services that will go so far as to guarantee estimates put forth in regard to a fire remediation matter.

Another element to ensure a reliable cost estimate is making certain a proper inspection occurs of damaged premises as part of the process of determining an estimate. With a proper estimate, available insurance can be better allocated in the overall process of undertaking a thorough remediation of residential and commercial fire damage.

Experienced Specialists

Another key to containing costs associated with fire remediation is engaging a firm that has a professional team of experienced specialists. These must be specialists that are well-trained in all aspects of post-fire remediation. This includes dealing with board up and fire cleanup as well as complete smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell remediation.

In addition to addressing issues like smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell, specialists associated with a firm must also be appropriately licensed, bonded, and insured. Making certain that this elements are met when it comes to fire remediation specialists also aids in an overall effort in containing the costs associated with fire remediation.

Best Equipment

Using the right, most up to date equipment for tasks that include remediation of smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell also plays a primary role in efficient remediation and containing costs. When hiring a particular remediation firm, you need to obtain basic information about the type of equipment that will be utilized throughout the overall remediation process. As an aside, you also need to examine the types of chemicals and related processes that will be utilized in the overall remediation process. These choices also play into overall costs associated remediation.
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What You Need to Know About Professional Water Damage Restoration

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What You Need to Know About Professional Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is problematic for millions of homes across America. Having a flooded home and dealing with substantial water damage is problematic in many different ways, so it is essential that you hire a restoration company to handle all of the drying and water cleanup for you. This restoration company does the mitigation so that you don't have to, and it will leave your home looking its best.

How to Get Professional Mitigation and Water Cleanup

The best way for you to get expert water cleanup and mitigation is to hire a local restoration company. You can call the company to find out about their drying process and how they handle a flooded home or business. If you have water in your home or even have been dealing with water in your business, it's time to hire the pros and get the job done. Mitigation and restoration can even be done after you've dealt with a pipe break or supply line break.

How to Hire a Professional Restoration Company

The best way to hire the restoration pros is to contact the company to find out more about their water cleanup protocol. They will let you know how they handle a flooded home and what you should expect if you currently have flood damage in your home or business. Whether you have water in your business are or have a bit of water in the home, you need an expert in restoration to handle the situation for you. Water damage is no laughing matter, so be sure to get the pros in to do the drying for you.

Restoration for the Worst Flood Damage

Even if you have horrendous flood damage and a horribly flooded home, it's essential that you look into hiring water damage experts. They can come with all of their own drying tools, which is ideal for a pipe break or supply line break that you might currently have. The flood damage will be gone before you know it, allowing you to feel confident in your house or property. Those who have water in their home or even a bit of water in the business property, it's nice to know that experts are there to make things right for you.

How to Protect Your Flooded Home

The best way to prevent water in the home or any type of water in the business office is to use barriers and to keep an eye on pipe break issues. Whether it is a pipe break or a full-out supply line break, the experts can handle the situation for you. However, it's important to keep track of the supply line break to ensure that it does not flood your home. You will want to contact a local plumbing professional if you have been having issues when it comes to getting the most out of this process.

One of the most important things that you do is to contact the experts to get some information on what they have available. There are so many different people out there who are struggling to get their homes or business properties back in working order after a flood, so it's nice to know that there is a lot of information out there for you. You will also enjoy the fact that the experts bring all of their own tools and supplies, so you can feel confident in the fact that this is something beneficial for you that will ultimately save you tons of money. If you need additional information on water cleanup, be sure to contact the local company you are choosing to hire and speak to them about prices and anything else that might pertain to you if this is something you are going to be doing for yourself. They will be able to give you all of this information before you make the decision to hire them.
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Why Hire Professionals For Water Damage Restoration

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Why Hire Professionals For Water Damage Restoration

Flooding due to water in business or water in home is a serious problem that can occur at any time. Homes and buildings may suffer flood damage from natural floods and heavy rain as well as factors such as supply line break, leaks, pipe break, overflows, and sewage backups.

Flooding caused by supply line break or pipe break can cause serious damage furnishings and building materials. Water quickly penetrates and destroys many items from furniture to carpet to important documents. Restoration must begin as soon as possible. Otherwise, you place your home or commercial establishment at risk of even greater damage.

Restoration professionals provide water cleanup, drying and mitigation services, to remove standing flood water and moisture from businesses and homes. Their advanced water extraction equipment and techniques can remove excess water and they thoroughly dry the affected area with their state-of-the-art drying and dehumidification equipment.

Water damage should be taken seriously because water can quickly penetrate absorbent building materials, including drywall, insulation, woodwork, and flooring. When water penetrates these materials, they will warp and suffer serious structural damage. Whether it's caused by a pipe break or supply line break, a water in home or water in business problem should be considered an emergency.

Flood damage restoration technicians follow an effective, step-by-step mitigation process to remove all standing water as well as clean and restore the property back to its original condition. It is important to call a restoration company as soon as possible to remove flood water and moisture from the building and clean up the affected areas.

The following are the steps followed by a restoration company and its flood damage specialists to clean up water in business or water in home.

Fast Response

The key to successful water cleanup is acting fast. Flood and water damage can be devastating, and it is important to call a restoration company with a team of experienced water cleanup professionals. They will arrive quickly and immediately stop the spread of the water.


The water in home or water in business mitigation process begins with a thorough inspection of the property and its contents, including a damage assessment. Water cleanup professionals determine the scope of the damage in the flooded home or business so they can form an appropriate plan of action.

Their inspection also includes checking for pipe break, supply line break or other source of water in business or water in home. The source of flood water must be dealt with before beginning the drying process.

Water Extraction

Highly trained flood damage professionals will begin the water extraction process almost immediately. This step removes excess water from the home or property. They perform a thorough water extraction, which helps reduce the drying time and prevent further damage to the property. They use truck-mounted vacuum units and powerful extraction pumps to quickly remove all standing water from the property.

Drying And Dehumidification

Water clean up technicians use specialized equipment, including dehumidifiers and air movers, to remove hard-to-access moisture and water retained by building materials in a flooded home or business. They use moisture meters, which enable them to carefully monitor the progress.

Cleaning And Disinfection

Professionals utilize their own advanced equipment to clean the mess in a flooded home or property. They will clean the property’s floors, walls, and other surfaces. Besides cleaning the property’s structure, restoration professionals will also clean items, like upholstery, clothing, furniture, and other restorable personal belongings. They will also apply odor removal and deodorization treatments, to remove unpleasant odor.


Dealing with a flooded home or water in business can be a frustrating experience. The first thing a business or home owner should do if water damage occurs is call a restoration company. A professional water restoration team can help address the situation right away. Mitigation professionals will clean up the affected area and ensure that no additional damage is done to the property. They work quickly to restore the property back to its pre-damage condition.
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What to do Within 48 Hours of a Fire

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What to do Within 48 Hours of a Fire

A fire can change your life forever. Recovering from such an unexpected disaster doesn’t have to be difficult. Finding a quality fire damage restoration team can get you back on your feet safely and moving forward in a relatively short amount of time.

Starting the process of restoration after a fire is important. The quicker you get the damage assessed and work started, the less possible future damage can occur.

Immediately after a fire has occurred and is safely extinguished open all doors and windows to let the debilitating smoke out of the rooms and allow fresh air to flow in so as to minimize as much damage as possible. Ash and soot can contain harmful chemicals, so don’t attempt to clean it up. After alerting your insurance company, call a fire restoration specialist to guide you through this challenging ordeal. They will assess a few things to salvage your possessions and assist in cleaning those that can be saved from soot and smoke damage, such as electronics, furniture, clothing and other soft fabric items.

The insurance provider is an important first step. Most states and insurance providers require that you contact your insurance company within days of the event so that they can begin whatever documentation needs to be started to get your home in good repair. If you receive an advance, this can help you to eliminate the smoke smell, soot damage, initial fire cleanup and board up any windows to make your home as secure as possible.

Once you’ve had fire damage, it’s not just the structure that has been affected. Smoke damage, soot damage, a lingering smoke smell and other secondary issues that come with a fire. A good restoration company can come in and board up the home to keep it secure while the fire damage restoration is being completed. It can take days and up to weeks to restore a home or business to its pre-fire pristine state, depending on the amount of fire cleanup that is needed.

The longer that an acrid smoke smell is allowed to linger in your property, the harder it can be to remove. Soot damage often makes a bigger mess than first expected, but a trained commercial fire damage specialist can keep that to a minimum. A quality fire damage restoration expert can also keep costs down by removing soot damage and smoke damage before it can become an expensive problem for your commercial business.

A fire restoration company can help you to determine if it is more economical to restore or completely rebuild your property. It’s not unusual to simply restore areas after a fire in your home and get back to living stress-free as soon as possible.

A responsible fire damage assessor will:

Completely clean all structures inside and out and the contents
Clean HVAC ducts
Assist in recovering data from damaged electronics
Provide temporary fencing and boards for windows and doors
Inventory the items they find as they move through the property

Commercial fire restoration requires the same steps. Contact your insurance company and hire a commercial fire damage specialist to asses any fire damage and securely board up your property as soon as possible.

Once you can safely return to your home or business, make sure you correctly install new smoke alarms and fire detectors in key areas of your home. A fire restoration company can help you place fire extinguishers strategically at entrances and in places where fire is prevalent, such as kitchens and living rooms, to keep your space safe.

A fire damage restoration company can help you recover from devastating event from start to finish, leaving you in a better place to move on from a difficult situation.

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Effective Methods of Mold Remediation in Home and Business

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Effective Methods of Mold Remediation in Home and Business

Mold damage is a hot topic in many states for some time now, the concerns made by home and business owner are sincere, and the process of mold removal is encouraged as a mitigation process to reduce the molds in homes and business infested with the black molds. It’s easy to identify the fungus because they produce a characteristic dry rot and smelly odor. For any mold growth, as remediation process, mold damage is achieved through deodorization and commercial mold damage done by a restoration company.

What are molds? What are factors that encourage the growth of mildew?

Mold damage mainly is due to a fungus which contains the ability to reproduce both in interior and external environment including the molds behind walls and other surfaces. The breeding places of the molds include areas that are damp hence encouraging mold growth. Mildews too are fungi, and like mold behind walls, they both grow on many surfaces including on foodstuffs, shower beds and in sheets of papers. They are both classified as molds in homes. The restoration companies provide mitigation processes through the process of commercial mold damage and deodorization. The objectives of the companies are reducing the effects of smelly odor and dry rot caused by the black mold.

Among the factors that encourage the mold growth, both mildew and black mold include high concentration and presence of damp areas within homes and business. Hence the remediation aims at reducing these areas.

The remediation process of handling mold growth
Restoration companies suggest many approaches to fighting black mold growth behind walls and mildew. The companies also do develop techniques of handling dry rot and smelly odor. The process proposed is safe and affordable for the whole ordeal of fighting mold growth behind walls in homes and business.

Mold eradication is done specifically by the restoration company, and they do it based on the cleanup protocol which they adhere to strictly. The process of mitigation through cleanup is done carefully to avoid the recurrence of the black molds and mildew. Enrolling in this process of reducing mold in the home is sometimes expensive, but it offers a positive long-term solution in effectively handling mold removal.

Before deodorization, homeowners are encouraged to ensure proper ventilation since it is a crucial step in the process of mitigation against the spread of molds. Circulation of fresh air within the house provide sufficient oxygen levels, important in the elimination of smelly odor and setting an unfavorable condition molds to cause dry rot. Hence stops any resurgence of the molds, ventilation is a factor to consider in avoiding the spread of the spores to other rooms.

The best remediation process for doing mold removal without necessarily looking for help from a certified restoration company for commercial mold damage includes the removal the fungus by home protection through routine maintenance. All homeowners who suspect any mold growth behind wall, rooftop or on the shower should seek for inspections on the on damage on water and sewage system since the two have a tendency of reproducing of wet areas.

As a technique encouraged by any restoration company in dealing with molds in homes before embarking on commercial mold damage, then the house should be kept humidity free. For instance to foster mold removal maintaining the humidity at 50% is encouraged. So access to a conditioner or dehumidifier is a mitigation approach in ensuring low humidity is maintained. Also to reduce mold damage and reduce its spread, mainly the mold growth behind the walls then disinfectant can be used in the deodorization process. The application of the disinfectant depends primarily on whether the walls are porous or non-porous. For the non-porous wetting, a piece of and cleaning up is encouraged. But for the porous it is a bit tough to clean them by use of a wet cloth; hence one to avoid further spread of the fungus is required to cut the piece that is infected.
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Everything You Need to Know About Flood Damage

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Everything You Need to Know About Flood Damage

If there is any good news about flood damage, it’s that most people know in advance it could and probably will occur. While flash floods and other water damage from leaks and burst pipes are often unpredictable, flood damage from storms is almost easy to predict. Storm surge, torrential rain, and rising water levels cause massive water damage for those who live along the coast or in other low-lying areas. Flood damage is terrible in every instance, but the good news is many homeowners and business owners have enough time to adequately prepare their home and/or business for the impending water damage as best they can.

When a storm ends and it’s safe to return home or to work, many people are shocked to see how much water in the home or water in the business they find. It seems impossible water levels can rise so high, but it’s entirely possible. When flood water causes water in a home or water in an office to damage things, it’s devastating. Before anyone decides to handle this situation, they must learn how to properly handle this kind of water damage.

Do Not Go Back Without Permission

Anyone who evacuated wants to find out how much water in the home or water in the business they’re dealing with as soon as possible, but never return to a home or business without being notified first it’s safe to return. Flood damage is highly dangerous, and it’s easy to forget it’s so much more than just water on the road or in a home. Water in a home is dangerous, water in a business is dangerous, and water on a road is dangerous. Wait for the green light when it’s given by proper authorities. No one ever knows if a power line is down, active, and just waiting in the water to electrocute the next person who walks through.

Beware of the Many Dangers

Before anyone enters a home or office with water damage to begin the water cleanup process, it’s imperative they know how much danger potentially awaits. The water cleanup process should begin as quickly as possible to prevent more damage from occurring, but it cannot be done until people check for the proper dangers. The first is live electricity. Don’t assume just because the power is out in a specific neighborhood or city there is nothing to worry about. The power could come back on at any given moment, and this means it could cause serious bodily harm to anyone working dying out their home or office. Turn off all electricity before entering any building with standing water.

The second danger is what might be waiting for people in the water. There could be alligators, snakes, dangerous water creatures, or even bacteria or other dangerous stuff. Always let the local authorities do a sweep of a neighborhood prior to beginning the water cleanup and drying process.

Call the Pros

Finally, the most important thing anyone can do when water damage occurs is call a professional restoration and mitigation company to handle the drying process. Restoration companies have seriously powerful equipment designed to allow adequate drying to occur in minimal time. Professional mitigation and restoration is imperative, because any missed moisture leads to much larger problems. I

It’s not uncommon for people to want to begin the water cleanup and drying process on their own, but it’s the help of a professional restoration and mitigation company that provides the best possible results. Restoration is designed to clear out all the water in places other might not realize it’s hiding. The longer moisture sits in a home or business, the more dangerous it becomes. It can cause mold to form, it can cause further damage to furniture, flooring, and even walls. Call for professional restoration and mitigation rather than attempting to handle the drying process without the help of a pro to remove water in a business or home.
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A Guide to Fire Damage Restoration

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A Guide to Fire Damage Restoration

Homeowners are often caught off guard when fire damage occurs. Fire in business premises is not only deadly but can also cause devastating property loss. As such, business and home owners need to familiarize themselves with fire damage restoration tips before a catastrophic fire occurs. That helps recover from a fire in business premises before it gets uncontrollable.

The Process of Fire Damage Restoration

Your priority should be to assess the damage caused by fire in business premises. Many items within a home or business facility are often overlooked when determining the scope of the fire damage. A fire cleanup crew should carefully evaluate the following items before integrating them back into a restored business or home.
• Upholstery
• Utensils
• Carpets
• Furniture
• Food
Utensils and food are often overlooked when assessing the scope of fire in home or business facilities. Using contaminated utensils or eating contaminated food can be harmful. As such, these items must be carefully inspected by a professional commercial fire damage cleanup crew before restoring them back into your home. If these items can’t be restored, look for proper ways to get rid of them.

Flames cause the most visible damage to a home or business premises. However, soot damage and smoke smell often create invisible hazards that could cost lives. Suffocation is the leading cause of death in a fire accident. Therefore, smoke damage and soot must never be overlooked during the assessment of a fire in home facilities.

Unlike the smoke smell, soot is a very visible hazard. Soot is a black coating created when oil-based substances, wood or coal burn. Soot is disbursed into the air and settles anywhere. It can easily damage to your furniture. If smoke contaminates your property,a commercial fire damage specialist must assess the smoke damage to determine whether recovery is possible.

Water damage is often disregarded when fire damage occurs. During a deadly blaze, inherent water damage often occurs as fire damage restoration specialists attempt to extinguish the fire. Most people use water to put out fires. After the blaze has been contained, you must thoroughly dry the affected area to avoid further commercial fire damage. You can use air movers and humidifiers to dry saturated furniture, padding, and carpets. Make sure the affected area is thoroughly dried as mold growth can start just 48 hours after the occurrence of smoke damage. The combination of mold, water, and soot damage can result in a complete loss. However, the damage of fire in business facilities can significantly reduce if you work with a reputable fire cleanup crew.

Tips to Mitigate Commercial Fire Damage

Fire in home facilities can be devastating to a home and its occupants. Once a fire in home facilities has been put out, there are a lot of measures needed to minimize the scope of soot damage and smoke damage. You should never get back to your home until the fire cleanup crew confirms that it is safe to go inside. Embers can rekindle if not properly extinguished. When it is safe to enter your home, grab any essential documents such as mortgage information, birth certificate, and insurance files.

Be sure to take any valuables you can carry and medications you will need. The next step is to call a reputable fire cleanup crew for cleanup and remediation services. Note that there might be lingering soot and smoke smell all over. As such, you can stay in a hotel during the cleanup period. In most cases, you will not be allowed to enter your home during the commercial fire damage restoration process due to risks associated with fire damage and soot exposure. The cleanup crew will be wearing protective gear to protect them while working.


• Never use any electrical appliance
• Don’t turn on any lights
• Open windows for ventilation to get soot and smoke smell out of your house
• Don’t allow people go in and out of your home to avoid tracking soot
• Get pets out the house to prevent soot damage and smoke smell inhalation
• Contact an HVAC technician to help you turn off the gas
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How to Ensure Water Damage Restoration Efforts Are as Effective as Possible

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How to Ensure Water Damage Restoration Efforts Are as Effective as Possible

The process of dealing with and removing excess water in home environments is often more complex than many homeowners might realize. Effective water cleanup, drying and other restoration efforts are often essential when it comes to minimizing the extent and long-term cost of water damage. From taking action at the first sign of a problem to ensuring effective mitigation for high levels of ambient humidity that might otherwise lead to a mold or mildew infestation, understanding the steps involved in water and flood damage restoration efforts is a concern that no property owner can afford to overlook.

Addressing the Underlying Cause

Failing to identify and deal with the underlying problems that introduced water in business, home and other interior environments may prove to be nothing short of a disaster. Even the most comprehensive and thorough water cleanup and mitigation efforts may prove to be little more than a waste of time and money in the event that a plumbing issue or a problem with a home's foundation remains overlooked. Professional water damage efforts typically begin with a comprehensive home-inspection in order to assess the scope of any damages and to pinpoint the cause of the problem.

Removing Standing Water

Removal of any standing water is often the first priority, one that must be completed before drying and other flood damage and cleanup efforts can begin. When it comes to dealing with standing water in home environments, special tools and equipment can often play a vital role. Access to the proper resources can be of paramount importance when it comes to dealing with water in business or commercial buildings or beginning cleanup efforts within a home or residence. Special pumps, vacuums and other industrial-grade equipment options often provide the only viable way to remove standing water from within an indoor area.

Replacing or Repairing Damaged Surfaces and Materials

While repairs may be sufficient when dealing with furnishings and materials that have been subject to moderate water damage, full or partial restoration may not always be an option in every situation. Having to replace drywall, flooring materials and even furniture that has suffered extensive damage is often an integral part of the water cleanup process. Failing to remove or replace materials that have been saturated with moisture can drastically increase the risk of mold or mildew infestations, even when drying and other mitigation efforts are utilized in order to address water or flood damage.

Dealing With High Levels of Humidity

High levels of ambient humidity can cause serious problems, even after a successful cleanup or water damage restoration effort. Water or flood damage done to interior environments, especially those that may receive little to no natural sunlight, may create the perfect environment for mold, mildew and other pests. When it comes to dealing with water in home or business environments, effective drying and dehumidification are often just as essential as other water cleanup, restoration and mitigation efforts. Professional solutions for reducing humidity levels are often of tremendous importance when it comes to addressing or preventing the damages that may be caused by water in business or home environments.

Prompt Action Makes a Difference

Failing to take early action at the first sign of water in home areas can often be the single most costly misstep that property owners are likely to make. Failing to begin water cleanup efforts in a timely fashion may find homeowners faced with a far more serious and extensive problem. Taking prompt and effective action to address water in business, home and other interior environments can help to ensure that cleanup costs are able to be kept as low as possible.
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The Process of Fire Damage Restoration

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The Process of Fire Damage Restoration

The process of picking up the pieces after a fire can seem daunting. Fire damage can cause significant losses both to private individuals as well as businesses. Besides the fire itself, soot damage and smoke damage frequently make property useless or irreparable. However, with the right approach fire cleanup can be less challenging. There are several steps to fire damage restoration, but if you follow them in order and approach them with care and patience you will find the process much less painful.

The first thing you should do to begin fire damage restoration is to evaluate for any holes in the exterior of the structure. Following a fire in home or a fire in business, holes can appear from the damage that leave property exposed. Once you have access to the fire damage site, begin to look for any gaps in walls or ceilings that could allow wind or precipitation to affect property. This is a good way to increase the overall total of commercial fire damage. While not as obvious as plain fire damage, damage from exterior holes can be significant.

The most noticeable thing once you enter the building will be water damage. While water can help minimize fire damage, cleaning up the water can be one of the most painful parts of fire cleanup. Standing water can be contaminated with disease and in pools of water small objects can float, creating hazards for those without the proper equipment. Water boots are a necessity for fire cleanup for this specific reason. Make sure that as you explore the structure and begin to clean the remaining water that you are very careful and you catalog any items that have been damaged by the water.

After you have evaluated your building following the fire in home or fire in a business, the next thing to do is to assess soot damage. Soot is caused by objects burning in the fire and leaving an ashy, sometimes oily residue. Soot damage can affect everything from food to electronics and can be very difficult to clean. It is important during this process to photograph everything, but inexpensive items that are easily replaced should just be discarded. More expensive things like televisions or furniture can be cleaned, but it is rarely worth it to try to clean a DVD or books. In the case of a fire in a business, keeping track of soot damage is essential to understanding total commercial fire damage.

The next step in fire damage restoration is to look at the walls, ceilings, and floors of the structure. In a fire in a home, walls between rooms can have damage that needs to be carefully inspected and documented. In a fire in a business, the external walls will already have been surveyed but you should also look for damage to the whole floor, ceiling, and any interior walls. Smoke damage can affect walls significantly and as such they may need to be replaced.

The last thing you should do in fire cleanup is evaluate the extent of smoke damage. Smoke smells can consume many objects and because of this things like garments or linens can become totally unusable. Keep track of the amount of items with smoke damage just like you did with soot, again discarding inexpensive or easily replaceable items once you have them cataloged. With fire in a business, pay mind to how smoke smells might affect customer experience and make necessary replacements, calculating the cost into commercial fire damage. Smoke smells can also be a problem with fires in homes, where the smoke smells being more prominent in some rooms over others.

Commercial fire damage can have significant effects on a business and fire damage restoration can be intimidating to a homeowner, but with the right strategy you can address the problems without as much hassle.
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Professional Mold Remediation

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Professional Mold Remediation

Mold in home and mildew have been a major challenge to many homeowners especially those living in gulf coast cities like Houston, Texas, just as how commercial mold damage is bad for business owners. They are dangerous fungus that have potential to destroy property. In fact, some homeowners have fled or sold their homes due to these mold in home which can be quite troublesome. Mold and mildew thrive in damp areas where there’s water leakage especially near damaged pipes or water heater. These fungus can also grow in your home after water damage by floods.

Mold in the home tends to grow in the basement, under carpets, inside the walls, near HVAC systems, on the floor, and on bathroom walls. They can also infest your car seats, couches, and other wooden structures in your home. Fortunately, today mold in home are not as such hectic as before thanks to many professional mold removal companies which have sprouted in almost every state. These companies offer effective mold removal and mitigation services and are a savior to many homeowners who have fallen victims to these fungus. Business owners who suffer heavy commercial mold damage could also benefit from their service.

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Key Restoration Tips After Home Water Damage

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Key Restoration Tips After Home Water Damage

When water in home reservoirs leaks, it can cause a lot of damage. Since water can be destructive, avoiding leakages in your home is imperative. When water gets into a drywall, it can seep through the interior walls and create some unsightly patches on the floors, ceilings, and gypsum boards. Some walls can collapse depending on the extent of damage. Professional contractors can repair the walls and ceilings since they have the expertise to undertake the job. The following tips will help you to enjoy a certain degree of success during home restoration:

Finding the Water Leak

If you have a leaky faucet or tap, finding the leak is quite easy. If the water in home plumbing systems starts to leak, identifying the faulty valves is easy. However, if the pipes are leaking within the walls, a plumber might have to cut some sections to determine the problem. Other signs of leakages come from the roof. If the roof is leaking, a roofing contractor can find the leak by undertaking a thorough inspection. Since the water will flow by gravity, identifying the source of the leak can be quite difficult. Besides, the sloping roofs pose many threats and risks, including the slip and fall accidents. The ceiling will show the signs of leakages if they start to develop such patches and cracks. The ceiling will sag and crumble under the weight of the water. Home repair after water damage varies depending on the nature of the problem. It is critical to engage a competent home repair contractor in solving the problem completely. If the water in home plumbing installations leaks, the cost of restoration depends on the extent of water damage. Drying after water cleanup can also help to prevent flood damage if you encounter a leakage of water in home or commercial premises.

Flood damage mitigation

One of the sure mitigation procedures is to pinpoint the problem. Undertaking the repairs and restoration can be futile if you do not identify the source of the problem. Pinpointing the leaky toilet, burst pipe, or leaky roof is the first step towards eliminating the problem. Once you stop the leakage, you need to pump the water. When the leakage of water in business appliances occurs, you should act fast. The size of your pump will depend on the amount of the water. In some cases, you might require the truck-mounted water extractors to pump the water. Once you remove the water, you need to dry the walls and floors and eliminate the excess moisture. Such moisture can encourage the growth of mildew and molds in your home. Water damage can cause huge losses to your home. Home restoration can be cheap if you take the critical mitigation initiatives seriously. Once you undertake the water cleanup, drying is imperative if you want to get rid of the moisture.

Identify the nature of flood damage

A home inspector comes in handy when it comes to estimating the cost of drying and water cleanup. The seepage of water in business parking and basements can cause damage. Remember that you might not see the water in the hidden areas such as crawlspaces. A thorough inspection will help to identify all the wet areas and guarantee success during the restoration and repair. Wet wood can develop molds and mildew in several days. Wood can also rot very fast if the water in business plumbing systems gets to the floor. If you do not address the issue immediately, you might have to spend a fortune of home repair.

A reliable mitigation program must seek to prevent the flood damage in the future. After completing the repair, you can safeguard your home from such damage in the future by inspecting your plumbing system often, repairing your roof, and improving your drainage system. Protect your home from water damage in the future by undertaking a comprehensive inspection. The best way to deal with water damage is to call a professional plumber. A reputable contractor has the equipment you need for drying, water cleanup, and any other problem that you might encounter when the water in business establishments leaks. Visit http://www.SERVPRObartlettcordovaeastmemphis.com for more information on water damage.

Rebuilding Your Life After a Fire

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Rebuilding Your Life After a Fire

Fire damage can be an awful ordeal to endure. In the case of fire in a home, soot damage and smoke damage can make many personal belongings unusable. Fire in a business can result in significant commercial fire damage. Dealing with fire damage is not something anyone wants to have to handle, but it is a reality nonetheless. If you are looking to begin fire damage restoration here are some key steps you need to know.

The first part of fire cleanup is simply assessing how damage to a structure can create further damage down the line. Aside from initial fire damage, holes in the exterior walls of a structure, known as breaches, can pose a significant challenge to any fire cleanup efforts by causing additional property damage from exposure to the elements. An essential component of fire damage restoration is evaluating a property for any breaches and sealing them off before they cause more damage. This is especially important when cleaning up after a fire in a business, because damage from breach exposure may not be considered part of the overall commercial fire damage.

Once you have secured the exterior-facing parts of the structure, the process of water cleanup begins. This involves removing the water that remains from the emergency response. Water cleanup can be a dangerous part of fire cleanup because standing water can be a vector for disease. Additionally, small hazards can be hidden by large pools of water. That is why water boots are essential tools in all fire damage restoration.

The next step in fire cleanup is assessing soot damage. Soot damage is caused when property burns to ash and then coats other property. The soot damage can be amplified when plastics are burnt and the soot has an oily residue. It is important to take stock of all items that have suffered soot damage for both commercial fire damage as well as fire in a home. In the case of home fire damage, inexpensive and common items that are covered in soot should be disposed of, but cataloged to evaluate the overall damage. More valuable items may be cleaned.

The next step in fire damage restoration is evaluating the walls, ceilings, and floors of a structure for damage. Smoke damage may be especially prevalent here. This step is important to both fires in a home as well as fires in a business, because restoring or replacing floors, ceilings, and walls is a necessity for any building. Make sure to catalog the damage to any part of the structure, and to examine thoroughly. What may seem to be minor damage can turn into major damage later on.

The last component of fire damage restoration is evaluating the presence of smoke damage. This can include physical damage to objects, which is common in fires in business, or simply the presence of irremovable smoke smell, which can occur when there are fires in home. Smoke damage can be a significant contributor to overall commercial fire damage. Additionally, smoke smells can make garments unwearable and may force you to discard inexpensive objects. As was the case with soot, you can attempt to clean more expensive objects. However, smoke smell is resilient and can be considered a factor in overall property damage. Do not fear counting property hurt by smoke smell towards your overall damage, be it from a fire in home or a fire in business.

Addressing the damage from fire is not something anyone wants to deal with. It can be a lengthy, painful process full of emotional turmoil and significant inconvenience. However, if you approach it with a plan and preparation you will find the process much less daunting. Thorough cataloging of all objects damaged and fine-point inspection of the whole structure can help prevent problems down the line. In the case of fire cleanup, preparation and knowledge are invaluable tools.
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SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis Toy Drive for Forrest Spence Fund

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Chris Fava and Nick Schifani load boxes of toys to deliver to the local church that serves as a wrapping location for the toy drive.

We are excited for the opportunity to spread a little joy by collecting toys for the Forrest Spence Fund. This organization provides items for families that have children who are patients of Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis Tennessee. During the holidays they will distribute toys to children who are hospitalized as well as their siblings that often spend many hours at the hospital themselves.  

It is no surprise that the employees of SERVPRO of Bartlett stepped up and collected boxes of toys for this special group of kids.  The founders of the organization were overwhelmed with the amount of toys collected since we are not a huge company. Our team is blessed with giving hearts, especially where children are involved.  Hopefully, these gifts will provide a little happiness to these families during the holidays, while they are going through a difficult time caring for a sick child.

SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis

We are always HERE TO HELP!


CE Class Success!

11/17/2016 (Permalink)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for making last week’s CE Class such a success. It always makes  me happy to see so many people in our industry taking the time to get together and gaining a better understanding of the issues our clients suffer during a disaster; and how important it is that we all work together to get them through it. Nick, Jeff, and Chris are always available to assist you and your clients through any water, fire, or trauma emergency you may have.

Please don’t hesitate to call, text, or email us anytime at our number below and we will personally make sure your insured has the best possible experience they can have under the circumstances. We will represent your brand professionally, and make sure the lines of communication stay open in order to best serve our customers and any issues are resolved before they become problems.

Check out our Restoration Newsline for additional tips.

SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis


Happy Fall from SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis!

10/28/2016 (Permalink)

It's Fall Y’all!

SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis Wishes you a Happy Season!

It's almost time to wrap rum-soaked cheesecloth around holiday fruit cakes. Aromas of fresh, crisp sweet but tart Granny Smith apples linger through the orchard ready for gigantic tables and for tiny sticky hands to grasp. Glittered holiday leaves, pine cones, pecans, walnuts and an Everest of more holiday nuts add to this enchanted season. Festive porches display Jack-O-Lanterns customarily for autumn, a watershed time of year with changes in shades and hues of foliage, eye-candy of oranges, tans, browns among other fall delights akin to the brilliant multi-colored coat of Joseph, blessing us with hope and love of our country, of each other.

Take time for family and friends. Celebrate life, nature and humanity in these our United States of America. While glorifying life let's keep it as long as we can. Keep a toasty bonfire smoldering this year within your soul. Give more of yourselves to others from the heart. We have a chance to make a difference. Let's do this. Have a brilliant SERVPRO fall and contain that spirit as it evolves into the reason for the season.

The holidays can often be stressful even without the event of a water damage or fire damage to your home or business. Throw in a busted pipe or kitchen fire and you have a recipe for disaster. SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis is available 24 hours a day, including holidays to help guide you through any size disaster that may arise.

We are always Here to Help!

SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis


Fun on the 4th of July!

7/1/2016 (Permalink)

It’s time for Fourth of July celebrations – fireworks, a backyard barbecue, maybe a trip to the beach. Whatever people have planned, the American Red Cross wants them to enjoy their holiday and has steps they can follow to be safe.

“We want everyone to have a great holiday, and a safe one,” said Alison Bono, Central and Northern Michigan Regional Director of Communication. “Whether the weekend will involve fireworks, grilling or going to the seashore, we have safety tips everyone can follow.”

FIREWORKS SAFETY The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to attend a public fireworks show put on by professionals. Stay at least 500 feet away from the show. If someone is setting fireworks off at home, they should follow these safety steps:

·         Never give fireworks to small children, and always follow the instructions on the packaging.

·         Keep a supply of water close by as a precaution.

·         Make sure the person lighting fireworks always wears eye protection.

·         Light only one firework at a time and never attempt to relight "a dud."

·         Store fireworks in a cool, dry place away from children and pets.

·         Never throw or point a firework toward people, animals, vehicles, structures or flammable materials.

·         Leave any area immediately where untrained amateurs are using fireworks.

GRILLING SAFETY Every year people in this country are injured while using backyard charcoal or gas grills. Follow these steps to safely cook up treats for the backyard barbecue:

·         Always supervise a barbecue grill when in use.

·         Never grill indoors – not in your house, camper, tent, or any enclosed area.

·         Make sure everyone, including the pets, stays away from the grill.

·         Keep the grill out in the open, away from the house, the deck, tree branches, or anything that could catch fire.

·         Use the long-handled tools especially made for cooking on the grill to keep the chef safe.

·         Never add charcoal starter fluid when coals have already been ignited.

·         Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using grills.

SUN PROTECTION Limit exposure to direct sunlight between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., and wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a protection factor of at least SPF 15. Reapply sunscreen often. Remember to drink plenty of water regularly, even if not thirsty. Avoid drinks with alcohol or caffeine in them. Protect the eyes by wearing sunglasses that will absorb 100 percent of UV sunlight. During hot weather, watch for signs of heat stroke—hot, red skin; changes in consciousness; rapid, weak pulse; rapid, shallow breathing. If it’s suspected someone is suffering from heat stroke:

·         Call 9-1-1 and move the person to a cooler place.

·         Quickly cool the body by applying cool, wet cloths or towels to the skin (or misting it with water) and fanning the person.

·         Watch for signs of breathing problems and make sure the airway is clear. Keep the person lying down.

DOWNLOAD FIRST AID APP Another thing people can do is download the free Red Cross first-aid app which puts expert advice for everyday emergencies at someone’s fingertips. The app is available for direct download from the Apple or Google Play for Android app stores.

About the American Red Cross:

The American Red Cross shelters, feeds and provides emotional support to victims of disasters; supplies about 40 percent of the nation's blood; teaches skills that save lives; provides international humanitarian aid; and supports military members and their families. The Red Cross is a not-for-profit organization that depends on volunteers and the generosity of the American public to perform its mission. For more information, please visit redcross.org or visit us on Twitter at @RedCross.

SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis is proud to be a partner of the American Red Cross and the Home Fire Preparedness Campaign that is aimed at reducing home fire deaths and injuries across the United States.

Have a safe and happy holiday!

SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis


Summer Weather Safety

6/7/2016 (Permalink)

Stay Safe in Summertime Weather

The National Weather Service (NWS) tagged June as "Summer Safety Month" because of predictable hazardous conditions that promote dangerous weather, especially in the South (strong winds, tornadoes, hail and flooding among other treacherous situations).  Their website has lots of valuable information about summer weather safety.  nws.noaa.gov

Nature can be beautiful and it can also be malevolent and mean. The latter being reasons many SERVPRO teams hit the road, traveling through risky danger zones to save or repair victims' property. SERVPRO teams are compassionate and understanding because their jobs are not only in clean-up and repair, but they also give home and business owners hope for restoration of their spirit after experiencing such tremendous loss of property and many times even loss of lives. Thank goodness for SERVPRO crews because they are capable of making a catastrophe "like it never even happened.”  With over 1,600 Franchise locations in the United States, SERVPRO is faster to any-sized disaster.

Summer is fun time and sun time but can also be a tragic time. Be careful and watchful out there.

SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis


Forrest Spence Fund Donations

1/4/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova helps Forrest Spence Fund organization donate bags of requested items to families at Le Bonheur in Memphis TN

SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova coordinates donations to Forrest Spence Fund

Rene Swain, account manager at SERVPRO Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis, asked insurance agencies working with her if they would consider being involved in this worthy endeavor in a way to "pay it forward.”  The Forrest Spence Fund is an organization that donates bags of requested items to families with youngsters that are patients at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

Bag contents help families get through a day, a night and sometimes a month with items to keep them occupied while waiting for their children to heal. SERVPRO Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis encourages  others to check out the Forrest Spence Website:  www.forrestspencefund.org for information on helping this benevolent organization in the future.

State Farm agencies-Hodges, Shelton, Carpenter, Rosser-White, Nowlin, Blakely, Ryan Jeans, Nationwide agencies-Crum, Crutcher, Barker, Milan and Fields all participated. When the bags were filled, Rene and Nick Schifani transported them to Donna Nash, Forrest Spence Fund coordinator who was happy and appreciative for SERVPRO agents who were instrumental in providing for the families in need.

Thanks to all Nationwide and State Farm agencies that made a contribution to this worthy cause.

SERVPRO Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis

Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Millington TN Chamber of Commerce Gala

12/23/2015 (Permalink)

State Farm agent Jack Leonard received the Hall of Honor award for his many accomplishments.

The Millington Chamber of Commerce held its annual gala dinner December 2 at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Millington, Tennessee. Among those honored was State Farm agent Jack Leonard who received the Hall of Honor award for his many accomplishments. Senator Mark Green, MD, the physician that treated Saddam Hussein when captured spent six hours in conversation, obtaining information for his informative book A Night with Saddam.

 René Swain, our account manager for this area, attended the event and was impressed by the closeness of everyone in that Chamber of Commerce and is honored to be part of the organization. Rene' was recognized as a new member of the Board of Directors to start in January. She said, "I am really looking forward to being part of a wonderful, growing community and learning from so many awesome people."

We at SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis are pleased to work with this fine organization.

René Swain

Account Manager at SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis

René has 13 years experience in the Fire & Water

Restoration industry.

November CE Class

11/9/2015 (Permalink)

Production Manager Chuck Tucker demonstrates effective fire/smoke cleaning methods.

SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova Hosts CE Class for Local Insurance Professionals

The team at SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova/East Memphis would like to thank all of our insurance agents and adjusters who helped make our November’s continuing education class a success. In partnership with the Memphis Better Business Bureau, we were able to present classes in “Property Fire Damage Restoration” and “Ethics”. Over 20 of our local agents and adjusters from Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi now have a greater understanding about what it takes to help their insured after a fire or water damage to get their lives back to normal as quickly as possible. Each course is designed to teach and explain the special procedures and materials used by restoration specialists after one of these disasters and how to best serve the customer from both a mitigation and insurance standpoint. Our agents and adjusters now have a better understanding of how we can drastically reduce both cost and down time for their insured by acting quickly and doing things the proper way.

 We would also all like to thank Mrs. Mary Busey , our corporate CE Instructor, for taking the time to come all the way from Nashville to make sure this event was a success. Mary has 20 years in the insurance business and we are proud to have her on the SERVPRO team. She has the ability to keep her classes relevant to the insurance industry and explain it in a way that keeps her students engaged. Our fire production manager Chuck Tucker and our “go to” lady Maria Shumpert were also able to take time out of their busy schedules to do some hands on demonstrations and answer some questions. Both of these guys have years of experience and are IICRC certified in many of the disciplines necessary to be true industry professionals. All and all, I’d say that this November’s class was both fun and informative, and all of the attendees had fun while learning something new and getting those all important C.E. credits.

Last but not least we would like to thank Swanky’s for setting up that fantastic taco bar for lunch. That was a hit for everyone and as always, it was hot and delicious. So thank you again to all who helped make this a fun day of learning and keep your eyes open for our future continuing education classes. Not only will you get your credits, but you’ll have fun doing it and gain a better understanding of the restoration industry and how to better serve your insured when it counts the most.


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